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Creation Stories: Dominique Tey

Posted on the 23 November 2018 by Music Creates Us @musiccreatesus
Dominque Tey

Dominique Tey, a Stockholm native and R&B and pop songstress, released her latest single, “Let It Out,” in October. Named in Paper Magazine’s Top 100 Women in Pop Music this past summer, Dominique Tey returns with her second single as a follow up to previous single, “Heartstream.”

Speaking about her new release, Dominique said, “I wrote this song when I was in a negative loop of thoughts and was trying to figure out why I kept going back to that place. I hated it but it was also a safe place, it was something romantic and bittersweet about it. Sometimes it’s easier not facing your fears and emotions, to just fall into that bad space. So this song became a process in facing those thoughts and feelings and by doing that I could own them and then let them go.”

Keep reading for more insights on the single and Dominique’s musical background. 

How did you get your start?

I started playing the piano when I was about eight or nine and soon after I was writing my own song using my poems and diary notes as lyrics.

Who or what has inspired your sound and latest single, “Let It Out?”

It wasn’t a who or a what really, I just had a clear vision of how I wanted it to sound. I knew that I wanted the song to be dynamic and with just a few elements. “Let It Out” is one of the songs that practicality wrote itself, it was just a feeling that came out, so I tried to illustrate that in the sound and production.

What is your favorite show memory?

My favorite memory is when I did a show in London. Ironically it all started out in chaos with missing luggage, a late flight, and problems at the hotel. But while at the show I felt so much love from the crowd and their energy was amazing, so everything just washed off. I can’t really put my finger on why that show felt so special, but it did.

What would be your dream tour and why?

It would be touring in the US. I’ve been to LA a lot but more for writing purposes so would really like to see more of the other states and cities.

Tell us about your writing process; any unusual quirks?

My writing process usually starts at the piano/synth or with a guitar, but sometimes with just a melody in my head. I usually get a lot of ideas and melodies to me while driving, so when I really feel stuck I just go for a drive.

What’s your favorite song to cover?

I saw Björk preform at the Hollywood bowl a few years ago and was blown away so I would say Jóga by Björk.

If you were to create a “soundtrack to your life,” what songs would be on it?

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang
Nina Simone – Sinnerman
Björk – Jóga
The Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down
Jonsi – Tornado
Coldplay – Trouble
Erik Satie – Gymnopedie
Womack Womack – Teardrops
Linda Martell – Color Him Father
The Mamas & Papas- California Dreaming

Would you like to add anything else?

I’m releasing my EP this spring and feel really excited about it:)

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