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Since Boston

By Paceofme
Since Boston, things have changed.
My perspective.
My stance.
My attitude.
My level of awareness.
Amplified, really.
Since Boston, I have decided that I am - we all are - here for a reason.  A purpose.  We are all lights that not only deserve to shine, but that are responsible for shining.  We need to fill our space and hold space for others to do their thing.  We need to encourage one another to live our truths, to follow our hearts and to pursue our dreams, to be the best that we can possibly be.  Not just for the people we love most in the world, but for people we might not know very well or even at all.  Lighting someone up and elevating them - just by a simple smile or hug or genuine "how are you?" or "thank you" for their service or for their thoughtfulness -  it has this amazing ripple effect and makes the world a better, brighter place.  I really truly believe that.  There's a lot of dark stuff happening in people's lives every day.  But the good is way more powerful than the bad and even the smallest and simplest acts of kindness, gratitude and joy can lift someone up.  Can lift the world up.  That is a beautiful thing!
Since Boston, I have realized that everything I have always believed to be true about the power of goodness and the strength of the human spirit, is truer than true.
Since Boston, I have been doing more hugging, more listening, more appreciating and more laughing with the people I share my life with.  They matter so much to me.  And they need to know that.  I need them to know that.

Since Boston

radiant love.

Since Boston, my heart is bigger.  My eyes are more open.
Since Boston, I know not to take a single thing in life for granted.  I am firmly grounded in this moment but my gaze is ahead, forward.
And the future is bright.  So, so bright.
It is lit up by my heart.
And yours.

Since Boston

gratitude shines from the inside out

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