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Simple Poached Eggs

By Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

If I’d looked at the title to this post about a month back, I would have laughed at myself…LOTS!

I never thought poached eggs were simple, NEVER! I mean, the way I was taught – boiling the water with vinegar and salt, letting simmer, turning the water off,  cracking an egg into the pan, turning the gas back on once the white had started to form, peeling the egg off the bottom of the pan, bringing back to simmer until the egg white looks set and the yolk still looks runny inside, fishing the eggs out with a slotted spoon – Now that seems more of an intense operation than an easy, healthy breakfast for weekend brunch, don’t you agree?

But what I’m going to show you next is going to revolutionise your weekend breakfasts and egg poaching skills so you can wow your housemates and other half. Trust me, they’ll be impressed.

Simple Poached Eggs

Soon you’ll be able to create your own Eggs Florentine and Eggs Royale, no qualms 

What you’ll need:

A square of clingfilm per egg

Some bag clips (I got mine from Robert Dyas for £1.99 – pretty cheap for awesome eggs!)

A bowl


A little oil

Black Pepper for seasoning

A saucepan of water, just boiling

How it works:

Lay a square of clingfilm, roughly 30cmx30cm over a bowl so the clingfilm is pretty tort.

Wipe/brush a little oil over the middle, where the egg will be, and sprinkle with pepper.

Next, let the clingfilm dip slightly in the middle, and crack you egg on the side of the bowl being careful not to spit the yolk and keeping the egg in the little well in the clingfilm.

Gather the sides of the clingfilm and bring together at the top. Twist to seal and clip with a bag clip to secure.

Continue with the next egg until you have as many poachie parcels as needed.

Simple Poached Eggs

I didn’t say they were going to look pretty before they were on you plate

Place your poachies in the water which is just boiling/simmering.

How long they take depends on how much the water is boiling, so keep an eye on the egg white and use some tongs to move the parcel slightly so you can see how watery your egg is.

Note: Don’t try turn the parcel over, as if there is a lot of space in the cling film parcel your egg won’t come out in a perfect sphere/egg shape.

Take the clingfilm poachie parcels out of the water and place on a tea towel.

Be careful with your fingers as they’ll be hot and carefully unwrap the poached eggs and place on your dish.

Bam! Perfect poachies. Slice into them and watch the yolk ooze over your breakfast.

I love mine with toast and salmon or spinach, toasted sweet bread and crispy bacon or smashed avocado on a toasted crumpet. One of the girls at work recommended I try them with some paprika in the cling film, so that’s next on my list.

What do you have your poachies with?

Chloe xx

Simple Poached Eggs

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