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Simone Biles Wthdraws from the Tokyo Olympics

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Simone Biles wthdraws from the Tokyo Olympics

There is no doubt that Simone Biles has over the past decade been the best female gymnast on the planet. Supreme at her sport and almost unbeatable, but even the great ones cannot stand in the way of the planets when they come knocking on the door. Today in a surprise move, she withdrew from the US Gymnastic team in the middle of the team competition, siting mental health issues as the cause.

Simone Biles wthdraws from the Tokyo Olympics

Simone was born in Colombus, Ohio on 14th March 1997 at 00.30am (this time is quoted without verification) and so she is a Sun Pisces with Sagittarius rising. The time given brings sporting Mars conjunct her North Node widely conjunct to her Midheaven. Sport is her chosen profession, and it shows. The Mars in technical Virgo is part of a grand trine, trine to the Moon in Gemini and Neptune in late Capricorn. Certainly, her sporting prowess is linked into her emotions, and there a huge amount of talent here for her to tap into with Neptune conjunct to Jupiter and Uranus. She has ability allied with a focused need for perfection. Sacrifice is also part of this mix, and I don't doubt that to be such a successful sports person, she has had to sacrifice much to get to and stay at the top. Pluto on her Ascendant opposed to her Moon shows incredible determination, intense emotions and great power and strength to draw upon through her physical body.

Simone Biles wthdraws from the Tokyo Olympics

So what caused her to pull out of the competition today? Well she is undergoing a set of most difficult apsects. Firstly Saturn is now sitting on her natal Jupiter, her chart ruler, and Sagittarius is noted for extremes, extremes of hope and enthusiasm, and also extremes of upset and disillusionment. Saturn on her chart ruler brings a cloud over her, it will restrict her physically, and takes away hope. The amount of responsibility on her may be dawning on her too. Remember too that Uranus is sqare to Jupiter as well, and this may have promped this unexpected and shocking decision.

The second aspect sees transiting Netpune on her natal Sun, and also conjunct to her natal Mercury and South Node too, while widely opposing her Mars. Neptune brings confusion, worry, sacrifice, suffering and it will drain her physically too. If her birth time is correct, it will also be opposing her Midheaven, affecting her career and her standing with the public. Neptune conjunct her Mercury does suggest mental weakness and being unable to think straight, and remember that Mercury also rules her Midheaven as well. For a Pisces native who will naturally lack some direction, this conjunction may affect her mental state, and her career prospects quite dramatically.

It just shows that even the best can be really affectd if the outer planets gang up on your natal ones. As a sports fan I wish her well, and urge her to take her time to come to terms with what is going on. We may find that this is her last Olympics as Neptune changes her professional perspectives for once and for all...

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