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Silvio Berlusconi – Stepping Down as Italy Slides into Financial Meltdown

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Silvio Berlusconi

He has been at the head of Italian politics in three separate periods since 1994, a huge figure of influence who courts controversy, however this time I doubt if the great survivor can escape the clamour for him to step down. Yesterday, he said that he would be resigning, and if the transiting planets are anything to go by, this time he will have to be true to his word.

SilvioBerlusconi transits

The transits chart shows a couple of nasty squares. Transiting Pluto is now square Silvio’s natal Sun and Mercury conjunction in his first house in Libra. The square will be exact by the 18th November, so I expect him to be gone as Italian PM by that date. Transiting Uranus is square the nodal axis bringing unexpected pressure from other people including his enemies. Secondly, Silvio’s natal Neptune/Saturn opposition has been squared by the Nodal axis. The Nodes bring circumstances to bear over which you have little influence, you have to react to things swirling around you. That opposition which is part of a wider t-square involving the Moon and Jupiter (see natal chart) shows his clever use of communication and dealing with people around him which has kept him in power. Now the transiting Nodes in connecting with this t-square are forcing him to change his position. At the same time, the progressed Moon is now square Silvio’s natal Moon (affecting his 10th house of public reputation and work) where Cancer is intercepted.

As the Nodes move clockwise they will soon be square to Silvio’s Moon/Neptune opposition at the same time activating a natal Yod on Burlosconi’s chart, one connecting Mercury, Uranus and the Moon which I believe shows his more “unusual” emotional traits. Watch out for the law courts to pounce once Silvio is out in the open, and whereas he avoided several sexual scandals in the past, these may just be revisited.

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