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Silent Survivor

Posted on the 21 December 2012 by Uglytruthis

For some reason or other the words that need to be spoken do not seem to come together anymore. The letters pour out in discord, one after another. As this fear turns ice-cold within my bones at the thought of pending judgments. I fear they can see straight through my lies to the truth. That maybe they can see the very guilt that plagues me. This insecurity takes over my very being.

This is a severe case of social anxiety. Growing old I never knew a lack of privacy, and now I find myself seeking security in isolation. Truth be told I feel empty within myself. As if moments were left incomplete. I feel a part if not most of me is missing somewhere far beyond the distant shores of reality.

Somewhere down the road I lost my soul, the very will power to live…I lost my voice. In the silence of these rambling thoughts I find words through poetry. This video speaks to the very place of pain within me. These tears are ones of healing.

Stay strong<3 You are not alone

Silent Survivor

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