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All-In-One Automated Webinar Software … WebinarFuel

By Martin Gergov

WebinarFuel is a software created by an established online marketer named Anthony Morrison.
This software doesn’t just “play a video” on a webpage. With WebinarFuel, you’ll experience the benefits of your events “feeling” like real live room webinars on the web or mobile.

Why do I choose this Webinar Software to promote?

I choose to promote this product because of its 3 simple steps to use it and of course user friendly. The 3 steps are:


Record Once
Record it once with no audience and pressure!


Let it run 24/7, completely on auto-pilot!


Scale It
Optimize and scale without touching it!

How do I know if WebinarFuel is for my business?

If your business is selling online then webinars can be key to growth and higher conversions. WebinarFuel can be used for sales presentations or just online educational presentations.

See How Webinar Fuel Works! VIDEO!!!


Do you have tutorials on how to set up my webinar?

Absolutely! We have a full library of videos showing you how to use the software to setup and optimize your events.

Do I have to be a techy-person to run a webinar?

It’s helpful, but not 100% necessary. We have a full support team to help you get your webinar events live and online.

Can I host my automated webinar on your platform or do I have to integrate it with a 3rd-party site like Vimeo/Youtube?

Yes in order to host an event with us your video will have to be on Vimeo or Sprout. Youtube does not support embedded streaming into platforms any longer so it is not an option that would work.

Do you offer an API?

Yes, we have a full API that you can use along with documentation.

Why is WebinarFuel better than other platforms?

Simply put we are the only automated webinar software that plays your webinars back “in software”. If you have registrants attend on a desktop they download the desktop software, and if they attend on mobile we have an iOS and Android store approved app they download. This lets you control the experience your attendees have and makes sure your webinars actually autoplay with sound. All our competitors play “in browser”, which means attendees have to click the play button, which hardly feels like a live webinar.

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