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Shot Division In Film Making

Posted on the 20 November 2011 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda
Hello friends,today i am going to tell u about shot division. I love this part in film making because shot division shows the caliber of a director how well he can shoot a scene. Hope u people are aware what is the meaning of shot division..Before that please don't get confused between a scene and a shot. Both of them are different. To tell u clearly..
Scene: A scene is nothing but change of location...or a combination of various shots with respect to same location i.e here no location change takes place.That is for example please have a  look at the image below. Below is the snap shot of a scene which is written by me long time back. Image depicts how a scene looks like.
Shot Division In Film Making
Shot: Whereas, a shot is nothing but the duration between the camera on and off ( i.e) for example just follow the above image...that very scene can be divided into many number of shots depending upon the visual power of an individual without disturbing the rhythm of the motion picture so that viewer doesn't get confused. This shot division differs from individual to other  because there is no rule for dividing a scene into many number of shots..Getting confused...? So, let me explain..
Please have a look at the above image..Let us assume the above scene as Scene No:1
In the above scene location is Abhiram's house:
So, first shot would be showing a house and this nothing but an establishing shot..Name is as 1A i.e nothing but A denotes first shot in scene one.
Showing this house can be done in many number of ways..
It can be a TILT SHOT or it can be a MEDIUM SHOT or it can be a WIDE SHOT..choosing a shot is directors choice and it can be different from one individual to another since ideas and creativity can't be same with everyone :)
After that this scene happens to taking place at Abhiram's now it can be a MEDIUM SHOT or a LONG SHOT  or a  PAN  from one part of the room.
Else, a closeup shot of a clock, etc., can be done to establish that Abhiram is lazy..THESE CAN BE NAMED AS SCENE NO:1B,1C SO ON DEPENDING ON THE NUMBER OF SHOTS U ARE GOING TO DIVDE A SCENE.
Like this, we will just divide each and every action written in the action  part of the script  into different shots.Shot division plays an important role in film making.
I have already told u that the method of dividing shots depends upon the particular individual like how he see's it in  his visualization. There are few ways and methods for dividing a shot. So the u will not get confused while dividing it. I will tell u those methods in my next post. Please comment if u have any doubt about this post.

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By K r Murali krishna
posted on 10 November at 18:58
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Your explanation is so simple and makes the beginner to feel comfort and go ahead to direct a film

By Srinivas Somu S
posted on 07 November at 08:39

sir telugu lo kuda e post chesthey bhagundi ani na opinion