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Shopping for the Perfect Dress: Some Helpful Money Saving Tips

By David @Topweddingwall

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress is always an exhilarating experience. The thrill of trying on dress after dress and of discovering new, unfamiliar designs will never fail to render just about any bride hyper. Indeed, there’s a reason why brides tend to try around thirty or more gowns before finding the one of their dreams.

Trying on wedding dresses

On the flip side, however, most brides also happen to be on a restricted budget, something which can seriously dampen the entire wedding dress shopping experience. In most cases, the unfortunate scenario is that most brides to be end up going way above their budget just to get their hands on the dress of their dreams- no matter how outrageously expensive it is. The lure of the wedding dress in display windows can be quite irresistible to most. But, contrary to what most brides believe, there’s really no reason to stretch the purse strings just to get the perfect wedding dress. In fact, there are quite a few helpful money saving tips that will help you shop for the gown of your dreams.

Wedding dresses in display window

For starters, you should be ready to make just a few concessions that will help you cut back on any necessary expenses. For example, consider buying your wedding dress online since these gowns tend to be a lot cheaper than those hanging in display windows. Be sure to take your proper measurements and ask the seller about his returns and exchange policies before ordering. Most importantly, you should also order your online wedding dress at least four to five months before the big day. This way, you’ll have ample time to try it on, exchange, return or modify it to your liking.

Tailored wedding dress

Another fabulous option would be to give up the idea of slipping into a ready-made dress in favor of a bespoke one. If one of your friends is into sewing or if you know a reliable tailor or designer, don’t hesitate to give him or her an exact idea of what you want and watch as your wedding dress comes to life. Tailored dresses are fabulous options, not just because they are cheaper, but because it also gives you more control over the exact design of your frock. In fact, if you’re having your wedding dress made from scratch, you might even go for a simple, inexpensive white dress and ask your tailor to vamp it up with some lace, ribbons, sparkles and sequins. Adding some rhinestones to a simple frock, for example, is an extremely easy and cheap way to bring some extra flair to any wedding dress.

Adding rhinestones to simple white gown

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