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Shop My Stash #1

By Yougottabegorgeousx @yougottabgorgex
Hi guys, long time no blog... So I am currently in the first week of my GCSE's and at the moment revision is taking priority. So sorry for the lack of posts, but the good thing is that my holidays start on 14th (I think) June so expect regular posts from then onwards, but for now they are going to be a little random.
Shop My Stash #1
Today I wanted to do a Shop my Stash post because recently I have been trying to use to products I already have rather than buying new ones. I think once you start reading/watching beauty bloggers and especially when you become a beauty blogger you just want to buy and try new things all the time. You might not but I do! This is not good due to me have a lack of money.... So yeah here are all the products I have been trying to use before buying new ones.Shop My Stash #1
I was in boots the other day and I saw that they had some sort of offer on the single use face masks, I wanted to buy like 100 but I already have the Quick Fix Mask. So I have been using this once a week now and I actually really like it. It can leave your skin a little irritated if you leave it on for over 10 minutes (the recommended time) but it's not too bad and your skin goes back to normal pretty quickly. To be honest I don't really know if it does help me long term with my blemishes but after you remove it your skin feels amazing, I was going to say I want to try more from the line, but I'm not supposed to be buying anything. If you fancy purchasing this click here (£4.99). 
I remember a couple of months ago I was suffering with really bad skin, so I went out and bought a tone of spot creams/gels. One of which was the Dr Spot from Soap and Glory. As my skin stopped producing horribleness I stopped using this and went back to my basics. Recently I have had really bad break outs and I have turned back to using this. I got a huge spot yesterday and then I used this throughout the day putting some more on every few hours and my spot full on reduced in size and redness. So I think that must mean it works pretty well. I don't know whether I would re-purchase but I have really liked using it. Click here (£5.33).
Sticking with the treatment theme I bought this about the same time as I bought the Dr Spot, I haven't been using this as such but when I have finished my Dr Spot I will be using this up. I don't like this as much at all but it helps a little. Find the Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot Cream (£10.50) here.
I have already purchased a new nail strengthener, you know me I just can't resist. But I've told myself I can't use it till I have finished these up. I do really like these but I have a super bad strengthener obsession and I can't help myself when I see one I want. I recently bit all my nails off (I know! I am so annoyed) I had a moment of weakness... exam stress and all.. So I am going to use the grow beautiful one till my nails have got a bit of length and then I'll use up the diamond strength.I can't find the L'Oreal nail care online but I think they are about £4.99.
I finished my favorite moisturizer the other week and I thought instead of re-purchasing I would use what I have. The Simple Daily Mousturiser (click here £5.60) and Boots Essentials Cucumber Cream (click here £1.50). I have grouped these together because they made my skin break out terribly. My previous mouisturiser (which I have since re-purchased) was really good, it is oil free and has really helped my skin. I think changing it for quite a heavy moisturizing made my skin react really badly. I just threw them away because no body wants bad skin. 
Finally is my Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment, I have had this for ages and it's just been sitting in my bathroom not being used. I don't really think it does anything short term, it's a product you would have to use repeatedly to make a real difference. I just stuck this on my roots and put another hair mask on my tips and left it on for about 10 minutes. I don't think I'd but this again. Find it here for £7.99.
What are you currently using? Do you have a habit of buying way to much?
Allie x
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