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Sheer Voile Curtains Made to Perfection

By Kaidarul @KaiDarul
Sheer Voile Curtains Made to PerfectionVoile is a versatile fabric used not only for making a dress but they are a perfect fabric for curtains. If you wish to wear a voile dress, don’t get embarrassed if you found the same cloth embellished in your friend’s home. If you really like the cloth for customized dress made of this material, avoid big floral prints because they are ideal for curtains. 
The popularity of voile in curtain making is they are light and soft because they are composed of 100% high quality cotton or a mixture of polyester and cotton. Sometimes voile is termed as net curtains as they are favorite material in making mosquito nets for malaria and dengue infested countries. In fact, most homes in the tropics are embellished with voile because of their warm temperature enough to block the sun rays but not as strong as thermal curtains.
Sheer voile curtains are top choices of homemakers because they are affordable while they allow the natural light to illuminate the room during daytime. The colorful and vibrant colors of most voile sheer curtains can deter strangers from peeping directly through your window. Despite its soft fabric voile is not translucent so they are perfect as criminal deterrents. Voile curtain panels look striking when they are combined with bold colors, say orange and lime, green and white, baby pink and mauve, white and blue and white and pink.
Voile sheer curtains with pink, lilac and violet floral prints are perfect for your kids’ room. The pattern makes the occupant less hyperactive and they can sleep faster compared to a room that is embellished with shocking colors. Indeed every curtain panel with voile fabric can make everyone cool and comfortable. There is a psychological effect on the person staying in the room the moment they wake up and go to bed with those lovely sheer voile curtains that look similar with chiffon and lace.

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