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Shea ‘Where Did You Go?’

Posted on the 26 February 2013 by Thatswhatsheheard @sheheardblog

SheaThis weeks video review is from a lovely artist called Shea. The video starts in a back stage dressing room with Shea just before she’s about to do a live performance. We fade to black and Shea’s silhouette emerges from the dark against a cabaret stage background. As the music starts the scene is interjected with a second video of Shea and her every day routine, with stark contrast between the shimmering dress on the cabaret stage and the jeans and jacket in an urban UK setting.

The second story is of Shea with what at first appears to be younger siblings. However as the story unfolds, we see that this is Shea prior to being on the stage that day. The contrast between the glamorous Shea on stage and what I’m assuming to be a single mother following her dream is brilliant. The color grading allows a clear distinction between the two events in her day. The muted colours showing day to day life which can be a struggle and the vibrant colours showing the strong woman inside with the career about to take off.

The styling and set design while on stage is incredible, it adds to the Aretha Franklin super star feeling. The other story is aided by the events of everyday life. From the start on the escalator in the tube to the park scene. All in all a lovely video accompanied by an amazing song.

This one is on the top ten list of must watch videos of 2013!!

That’s it from me this week. Keep smiling, keep dancing and keep locked on That’s What She Heard.


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