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She's Gone

By Thindes78
Nearly one month ago we heard heart breaking news for Summer, her Mum had left! When we first heard the rumours that Summer's mom was moving away, very far away - my first natural thought was surely not, surely she would not leave her daughter and walk out of her life, unfortunately that silent thought of hope was short-lived. 

Since Summer came to live with us over a year ago now, Summer's Mum and Dad (my step-son) made an effort seeing Summer on a weekly basis, and my husband and I quickly came to the positive conclusion that Summer's Mum will be a big and important part of her life, as a parent should be - and this is what we wanted for Summer, for Summer to know her mom was there and that she kept that relationship alive and strong, Summer deserves that - any child deserves that. Unfortunately a couple of months ago Summer's parents relationship broke down and everything changed for the worse.

Then she was gone - she just went, without one single word to us, she never spoke to us about it, never asked to see Summer, she just left.

I am scared for Summer, fortunately she is too young to realize anything is amiss, but what will this mean to her when she is older, how will this affect her? Her Mum walked away and left her, her mom is not in her life -will she feel abandoned? We will of course answer any questions Summer has, but instead of pointing the blame, we will keep it impartial  'Your Mum loves you very much, and she wants to be here, but she cannot' - As disappointed I am with Summer's Mum, I will put all the angry and disgust aside and protect Summer and her feelings as much as possible.

My only consolation 
is how happy and settled Summer is with us, how close she is to not only me and my hubby but also to her three uncles, my three sons - all 4 of them growing up together; they play together, they bond together, they share love together, share laughter together - they are more like siblings rather than 3 uncles and their niece and Summer adores each one of them - as they adore her just as much. 

When she does finally start to ask the inevitable questions, she will come to with us with those questions full of love, full of security - she is one with us, and hopefully with all this she has from us, the answers won't cause her to much pain. We will always be there for her, with open arms, and an open heart, I will share those tears with her, I will wipe those tears away and I will embrace her and I will never let go. 
 I hope us, this, is enough for Summer, enough for her to never ever feel heartbroken or abandoned. 

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