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She Hates Him

By Beersting @beersting
She hates the inner child in him. She hates the careless carefree nature of him.
She hates how he gets himself into midst of every problem. She hates him for being so infamous and getting all the bad attentions. She hates his walk of fame, because she knew that it’s just a walk of game. She hates how he always laughs through every problem with his right dimpled cheek. She hates how he always manages to act dumb in front of her and cool in front of everyone else. She hates his bad sense of dressing blend with good sense of humor that adds the charm to his personality. She hates how he acts like a pervert and total idiot when with friends and yet be the most chivalric guy when alone. She hates how he fakes his feelings of not having concern about others because she knew he cared more than others could ever do. She hates him because her mom told her that guys like him shouldn’t be trusted. She hates him more than she could love anybody.   She doesn’t need a reason to hate him, yet she jots down all to hate him even more. She hates him; at least that’s what her mind told her heart to stop falling for him over and over.

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