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Posted on the 17 July 2012 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

The best. Who is that or better what is that?


The best are things that result in achievement, simple.


In the on-line world, so many are the best, aren’t they? The term best is used so loosely and not surprisingly so, those that are the best don’t often brag. The best just do what they do consistently, creatively and set the standard many copy.


Like the post title above. It came from Chris Brogan himself.  No he didn’t send it to me or say it to me, well he sort of did.  I read it at his blog, here is the link 100 Blog Topics For You, by Chris Brogan.


When an artist releases an album, do they just put the mediocre songs on it or do they put the best songs on? Does an Olympic Athlete train just a little?

Obviously we know the answer.


Oleksandr Bondar
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When Seth Godin writes his blog posts I often feel like he reads my mind! I swear when I meet him, I’ll ask if he does.  His blog post on July 8, 2012 was just one of hundreds he’s written that takes the obvious problem and pulls in the reader offering a simple solution Art Fears Business Fears Art


Seth says: “because the artist fears business, she hesitates to think as bug as she could…..and because the businessperson fears art, she holds back, looks for a map, follows the existing path and works hard to fit it in, never understanding just how vivid her new ideas might be and how powerful her art could make her.”


Our minds think in a strange way about our best.  We hold it in, saving it for the highest paying customer.  We give away the mediocre. So how is the mediocre content going to draw in new business?  It is not. So why does this persist. The answer may be fear.


Put the fear of giving away the best. It’s quite refreshing because it makes me happy.


Try giving away your best content, product or promotion. The customer will then know you have the best, are capable of the best and will get the best when they hire you.


Your best is what you should  present.  The customer doesn’t hire mediocre, only the best.


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