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Shame Shame Shame

By Lolamillierose

Have you ever woken up after a night out with the girls and thought "Oh my god, what the hell did i do that for last night"
That guys is what i call a SHAME SHAME SHAME moment.
Now there are a few different ways a Shame Shame Shame moment can happen.........
Moment 1, The Flash RecallWhen you randomly recall moments that happened from the night before and without even being able to take a long deep (Very Deep) breath to help you with whats flashing through your mind right at that very moment your face is in your hands and your your mouth speaks the words "Oh no........Fuck NO"
Moment 2, What are Friends ForYour going about your day, trying to get through it as well as you can especially with how fragile your feeling from the amount of booze you consumed from the night before, the endless shots and never ending cocktails and then suddenly your friends start laughing and you know, deep down in the pit of your stomach that its about you. Then in extreme detail with overly descriptive wording just to punish you even more, making you squirm in your seat as you start to remember bit by bit what your about to hear, this i find is one of the worst ways to experience a Shame moment, especially if your new to the world of shaming yourself because i'm sure as all friends over the world are the same in this very unfortunate way...........they will never let you forget it, never let you live it down, never let that memory fade into the background.
Moment 3, Ring RingYour mom (or whoever else) calls you to see how your night went or just reminding you to not be late to sunday lunch later that day, you exit the call and somehow end up staring at your phone screen looking at your calls list, your frozen still, unable to move, breathe or even make a sound, your looking at the hard truth, the evidence is right in front of you staring you in the face, your mind is blank and your slow excruciating death has begun, its the realisation of who you called last night, how many times you called them and how long you lasted for on each individual call but the worst isn't behind you yet as you think to check your inbox. All i can say on this is it will take a while to recover from, the feeling hits hard and deep as you know you've just utterly devastated yourself.
Moment 4, The Unexpected CringeYou think all is good, its been days since your night out and nothing unfortunate has crept its way into the foreground however your wandering down the street, or something just as simple as that when you see someone in the distance, one of those "Im sure i recognize him" kind of moments, and then as long as it takes for a penny to drop you realize "Oh Holy Shit" and your face expression changes to.........well the best way i can describe it is UTTER MORTIFICATION as you realize what you did to/infront of that person. I always find that one to sting a bit, like you've just been slapped in the face with your own memory.
I should give some words of wisdom here to warn people that drinking in excess causes all of these things and caution should be taken as this is a serious matter BUT i cant, in all honesty i love my Shame Shame Shame moments. As awful as they are at times and even though i feel like i should lock myself away from the world like Rapunzel in the top of a tower and shave my head and throw away the key its what life is all about, if you cant make a tit out of yourself then theres something wrong with you, theres not much better than letting loose and creating stupidly awful but yet completely amazing memories. So Shame i welcome you with open arms, you have not defeated me..........yet.

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