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By Dariel

Have you plan of any outing in the upcoming national day holiday from 7 Aug 2015 to 10 Aug 2015? What about savouring local home-cooked food by home chefs? The home chef had shared their recipes with local caterers for them to mass produce and sell to the public. Each cuisine has its own unique flavor and aroma where you can’t find them elsewhere. Singapore is a multicultural country and we are actually bless to have varieties of food choices with different ethnic cuisine easy available.

The carnival themed “#SgEatWithUs Celebrates By the Bay” will join the jubilee celebrations organized around the Marina Bay located at the Waterfront Promenade (next to MBS Convention Centre). Good news! The carnival is opened to public from 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9 August 2015 (12.00pm to 10.00pm) to enjoy 12 unique home recipes as you enjoy the celebrations at the Bay.

These recipes have been specially curated from the #SgEatWithUs carnivals and satellites events where home chefs have stepped out willingly to share their home-cooked food with the community. No entrance ticket is required and to enjoy the home-cooked recipes a food card is required.

Here are the photos of the events:




Popiah Ingredients




Mak’s Udang Mee by Alice Wee


Lemongrass Satay by Eliza Lawrence


Ayam Masak Merah by Noridayu


Laksa by Noorbee and Farlinah

Here are some of my favorite dishes :



Cha Hoon by Mdm Tee Lilian

Chef Mdm Tee had personally prepared a pot of Cha Hoon for us to try. Cha Hoon is originally a poor man’s dish where leftovers were put into a pot together with pumpkin and left to boil with bee hoon or mee sua. This dish indeed has the taste of homely comfort food. Simple ingredients but yet so flavourful and tasty.


Ngoh Hiang by Lim’s and Lee’s families

We all know that it is not easy to prepare Ngoh Hiang as you will need a lot of preparation work from chopping the meat, prawns, chestnut to wrapping the Nigoh Hiang. It is a good opportunity for family bonding over making Nigoh Hiang where each can be assigned to different tasks and hence interaction between family members.


Dhoklas by Maya Tekwani

Dhokla (vegetarian snack), a famous Gujerati appetizer. It is a soft and spongy idli-like snack prepared from rava (sooki, semolina) and generally served with green chutney. Look at how colourful and appetising the Dhokla is. You should try them at #SgEatWithUs Celebrates By the Bay. 


Grandpa’s Po-Co rice by Helen and Glynn

Have you eaten rice with grated coconut added into it? An interesting dish as the rice and fillings are wrapped and eaten like a popiah. The recipe can be versatile because besides the rice, the fillings can be changed to suit individual liking.


Mango Tofu Cheesecake by Cynthia Lim

A refreshing dessert for a hot weather like this! I love how each layer compliment one another, smooth and rich texture.

Do checkout on what are the local home cooked food that are served at #SgEatWithUs website. Not forgetting to list down this event as part of your itinerary for SG50 national day celebration.

Counting down to the long weekend!


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