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Setting Intentions – February Goals

By Paceofme

This morning as I journaled, I came up with intentions for the month ahead that support me in my goals for the year and really for living the life I want to live! I am setting my goals in a different way this year, and so far I think it’s really helping me. These intentions are in different areas of my life – nutrition and body, mental/emotional health, my home, my relationships and my work.

I’ve decided to share this here in hopes that 1) maybe it will inspire you to set intentions of your own and 2) it will help me hold myself a bit more accountable seeing as how I am declaring it “publicly!” for all on the interwebs to see


So here goes. This month I will . . .

  • Stay dedicated to my daily nutrition and hydration goals, to support my efforts to heal my adrenals and my metabolism as well as my foot (it’s allll connected). I have been working with Tawnee (Prazak) Gibson since July to heal my gut and my hormones. I have come a LONG way! I thought by now that I would be training for Boston and working with her more specifically on fueling for training and racing, BUT the fact is I’m not there yet. Good things take time. So in February I will continue to commit myself to the healing protocol she is helping me with and nourish my body and mind to restore optimal health.
  • Stay dedicated to my mind/body goals to support de-stressing for my hormonal, mental and emotional well being. This means journaling, meditating, sitting in the sauna, taking a yoga class, reading a good soulful book, drawing and painting, needlepointing, just being outside in nature.
  • Stay dedicated to my movement goals daily. Movement heals. For me right now this means movement that does not hurt my foot, or cause stress for my body or my mind. I want to move every day in ways that feel good and right for me – walking, strength workouts with my husband, spinning, swimming, yoga, Pilates … these are all fantastic choices for right now. Eventually running will be back in that mix, but not until I am confident it’s right for me.
  • Choose a paint for our powder room! We moved into our house in June and I have yet to paint a single wall. At the start of the new year I set goals for the year and one of them was to paint three rooms in our house! I know if I don’t start I will have none of this done by the end of the year. So this month I’m choosing the paint, and scheduling the time to get the work done (probably in March that will be a goal!).
  • Write two articles for Garmin. As an ambassador for this brand I adore and believe in, one of my responsibilities is to produce publishable content for their blog! In February it is my goal to write two pieces.
  • Create an actionable timeline and check off my personal to-do’s for the new business my husband and I are starting! I am not ready to share this scoop with you guys yet, but Robert and I are really excited about what we are envisioning and creating! I’ve got lots of work to do though, and need to break it down in chunks so I get it all done.
  • Nourish my relationships – plan a date night for me and Robert, go on a “girl date” with Abby, finish reading aloud the novel I am reading to Will, and have lunch with Gus at school on his birthday (which is tomorrow!)! Also, I am going to write a real letter to and/or schedule a date with three different friends this month!

So there you have it. My February goals and intentions. I keep a notebook with this broken down monthly, weekly and then daily. It is helping me so much.

setting intentions – february goals

What are your goals for the year? Do you have specific goals for February? How do you keep track of your progress on a monthly, weekly and daily basis? This is a new self-created system for me and is a work in progress. I would love to hear your ideas and what is working for you!

Here’s to a beautiful new beginning and fresh start as we hop into February.

setting intentions – february goals

Rabbit, rabbit rabbit!!

setting intentions – february goals

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