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Set the Captive Free

By Uglytruthis

Dad I hate you!!! You hurt me!!  I struggle with a hatred for men…the doors where never locked. I feel like I can not get myself back.Dad you are ever selfish! You cared about no one but yourself.Your own personal gain! Your restlessness lust for power and money. I can hear her tiny heart breaking into a million peices upon the ground.

My bitterness has become a beast I can not control. Seeking out blood for all men heart. My heart has grown cold and distant from the world.  It has become a fortress to hide behind and push away anyone who tries to get too close to me.

Today I ask God to help me forgive… I have projected this awful image of men upon God as well. A little girl yells up at the sky… WHY! Why did you let me be hurt, you don’t protect me or love me. Love is something to be gained and bought.  Please hear her cry’s and show her soul love again. The peace that comes by the letting go of hate… redefine true love to a lost soul.

Put her pieces back together because I have lost touch with my sense of self

Please set these tiny captives in me free

Stay strong <3"><3"><3 you are not alone


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