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Secrets Every Blogger Should Know

Posted on the 16 May 2012 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Secrets are great, these blogging secrets are yours for the taking. The use  of social media is obvious, it’s what I make easy for you.


Here it is, my list of personal social media “blog secrets”:


  • Read other blogs obsessively
  • Learn continuously from great blogger’s in and outside of your comfort zone
  • Strive to comment on blogs that inspire, a thank you is a great way to start any comment
  • On your site, moderate all comments, use content management plugins such as Akismet to reduce the plague of spam
  • Respond to your quality blog comments via email, sometimes offer a related blog topic in a link or other call to action
  • Automate blog posts to integrate into your social media channels
  • Headlines and titles matter, so do search engine optimization, Google, <h1> tags as well as tagging and meta descriptions
  • Promote other blogs, re-tweet, like, re-post and share ~ it could result in reciprocal post sharing of your own posts
  • Quality compelling content matters
  • Speak to the reader, direct calls to action, ask questions ~ these easy steps can result in engagement
  • Rely on verifiable sources, avoid that tempting grapevine
  • Curiosity is in human nature, keep that reader curious make them stay awake at night thinking about what you wrote
  • Analyze your blog posts success by seeking data, statistics, links and page views
  • Have your RSS feed, social sharing buttons, click to subscribe links easy to find and easy to click mine they are on the right
  • Include photos within blog posts the readers interest may be impacted, visuals may keep the reader engaged
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  • Include a search box, navigation is important
  • Consult with professional graphic designers, web designers, SEO experts as needed
  • Seek quality guest blogging opportunities
  • Use a byline for guest blog posts, seek to draw readers over to your main site
I did not come up with these secrets myself.  Social media tactics I use have been learned from reading other blogs obsessively - see the first and second bullets. My best suggestion is to start there, just place my blog obsessively in your reading mix.


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