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Search Engine Marketing Campaigns and Google Ads Management

Posted on the 08 August 2012 by Businessone @businessonein

Search Engine Marketing Campaigns and Google Ads management

Search Engine Marketing is the fastest way of marketing a company's business offerings among online consumers.  Search Engine Marketing is entwined with creating an effective, well targeted, keywords based content about the products or services to be marketed online.

The keywords are derived based on popular search term for the kind of products and services in question.  Keyword positioning tantamounts to service positioning.  The objective of keyword research for the services would be to get the company's service related web pages in the first page of SERPs.  Once the service page appears in the first page of the Google search results, the chances of getting more hits on the page and thus the promotion of company's services among Internet consumers would be practical.

The above process should be supported by good ads which will place the service pages of a company in the first page of Google search results.  The entire process i.e., from keyword research, service page design to Google Ad design would require professional services to get faster ROI.

The services provided by us in this regard would include:

  1. Keyword research for your service or product offerings
  2. Design and development of service or product offering pages
  3. Search Engine Marketing of service or product offering pages
  4. Design and deployment of Google Ads
  5. Monitoring page performance through Google Webmasters Account
  6. ROI monitoring and Analytics Reporting
  7. Repositioning of pages with required changes based on the ROI and Analytics data

Search Engine Marketing is the cost effective form of business promotion.  Every small company to big enterprise can go for Search Engine Marketing to promote their products among chosen consumer geography.  The most important requirement would be consistency in operating the marketing campaign and right positioning of the Search Engine Marketing campaign.

You may please reach us with your requirements and details of products or services you offer and the target geography where you would like to market your products/services.  We can suggest, design, deploy and manage search engine marketing campaigns for your Company.

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