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The 10 Benefits of Blogging

Posted on the 19 August 2012 by Businessone @businessonein

The 10 Benefits of Blogging

The 10 benefits of blogging:

Blogging is one of the best activities for personal enrichment.  Blogging is the most suitable avocation for every one from student, working person, housewife, retiree and entrepreneur.

Blogging makes one think on subject matter, on innovative writing, on variety writing, on ways and means of getting recognized and on creating a brand value.  All these thoughts invariably would translate into reality thereby helping the blogger become sharper and focused.  Blogging experience would make ones mind fully prepared for any marathon exercise based on thinking and intellect.

Let us check the top 10 benefits of blogging:

Comfort of working from any where: 

This is the most significant aspect of blogging.  One just would need a tablet, a mobile, a laptop or a PC.  Blogging is the only activity that can enable you work from anywhere from home, office, park, or while in restaurant or while in travel.

Joy of using leisure time for productivity:

Time is the raw material for any kind of productivity.  Many get plenty of leisure time in a day or in a week.  We let go waste several precious time slices with no value creation.  It may be we sit quiet in seclusion and keep moving around or looking around with no serious work on hand.  Such a time could be actively used for writing blogs.

Making repository of our knowledge:

Our thoughts at times would display a great input of knowledge.  We let it go as a thought and we mostly lose them for ever.  If we can blog all such thoughtful inputs, knowledge inputs or write on our favorite subject area or lessons learned at workplace our blog would evolve as repository of knowledge.  Blog is a good time spend activity.

Added value to personal profile:

When some one asks us ‘what are you’ the immediate best answer can be ‘I am a blogger’.  We may be an employee, we may be a business person or we may be anything.  But being a blogger is something significant.  Blogging is the best value addition to our personal profile.

Additional attraction in the resume:

Your blog profile can make your resume standout from several others.  Employers would be thrilled when they see your blog writing.  As blogging would display your writing skills, your thinking power, your knowledge areas and your networking power, employers would certainly attach much importance to your profile.

Earning potential through Google AdWords:

Over a period of time a blogger can earn revenue through Google AdWords.  You can host online advertisements on your blog through Google AdWords and earn decent money based on the traffic you get and based on your blog reputation too.  Significantly certain blog content related to Banking, Financial and Insurance sector would fetch you higher income.

Improvement of communication skills:

This is the foremost advantage one could see.  Over a period of time if you are used to regular blog writing your communication skills will sharpen and you would see yourself truly productive.

Recognition and appreciation from global audience:

We know blog is a public platform.  You can see global visitors on your blog within 2 weeks.  If your content is good you will get repeat visitors to your blog who may also leave their appreciative comments on your blog posts.

Professional Networking:

Whether you are an employee, a consultant, a freelancer or an employer whatever you may be you can develop professional network related to your knowledge area.  The benefits of this are several like related knowledge exchange, opportunity sharing, business lead generation and brand identity among relevant audience.

Subject Matter Expertise:

You can mine blog content related to a specific subject matter.  Provide your expert inputs, research inputs, analysis and recommendations.  You can evolve to be a subject matter expert online over a period of time.  

Blogging benefits are many.  But again all these are dependent on two most important parameters viz., content quality and regularity in blog post submission.

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