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Scientists in Manchester, England Create a Revolutionary Filter to Separate Salt from Sea Water

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Scientists in Manchester, England create a revolutionary filter to separate salt from sea water

I love to report on good news stories and from the indications I have been seeing in the star connections over the UK I just thought that something would pop up soon, and this one could be a big discovery. It's reported that scientists from the University of Manchester, lead by Doctor Rahul Nair perfected a new atom thin filter made of graphene oxide that lets water molecules through but stops sodium chloride from doing so. If this filter can work on an industrial level, you can imagine the benefits that could be gained from providing drinking water to literally millions of people in arid parts of the world.

As I have mentioned in the past, this year will one of innovation and scientific breakthroughs with the Saturn Uranus trine functioning all year. The star planet paran links set for Manchester today though tied down things a little further.

Firstly the star Spica in Virgo, probably the luckiest in the heavens and often seen as a gift is rising today as the Sun sets, a paran indicating a new bright idea and a possible new solution to a problem. This connection can also indicate a talented individual hitting the news. Secondly the Sun at it's nadir point links with the star Murzims, a star in Canis Major, the large dog known as "The Announcer", thus it would be safe to assume that a major announcement or a speech would be made.

the planet connected to announcements, ideas and the media is Mercury and the two main connections to prominent stars today reflect the news of the scientific discovery. Mercury links with Alphard, in Hydra, the sea serpent and also with Scheat, one of the stars in Pegasus. Alphard s a star of passion and sometimes of violence, but it also harbours secrets from the deep and creative energy. Mercury brings forth news of such things. The really interesting thing about Alphard, the heart of the serpent is that it is linked widely in old star texts to poisons and contaminates. Here we have a story of the purification of something that cannot normally be used. Alphard is also aligned with another planet too, Neptune. Neptune as you will know is the planet connected to waters and the sea, and here is a dream or an ideal finally being realised.

The star Phact in Columba, the dove also links into Neptune too. The dove with an olive branch in it's beak was a symbol of freedom and discovery too, and sometimes this connection can be linked to pharmaceutical and medical advances. A scientific advance to make drinking water out of sea water to aid many people and improve health in the poorer regions of the world is very much in line with this connection.

Lastly Uranus is the planet of technical advancement and science, and over Manchester it is linked today to the star Al Rescha, the star of the knot tying together the tails of the East and West fish in the constellation of Pisces. Uranus is an influence of breaking with traditions or literally splitting things apart and breaking relationships between things to advance, and here we have the concept of science breaking apart the knot tying the molecules of salt water together, filtering out one from the other by a new technique.

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