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Science: Doesn’t It Intrigue You Too?

By Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

When I was at school, to say you loved a subject such as science would have made you a geek. Well so what?

Science is an amazingly fascinating subject, and I love hearing about all the weird and wonderful science behind things in life today – popular culture science shall we call it?

Do you know the science behind the 5second rule or behind a hangover? Are you not one bit intrigued as to whether you can actually still eat that sweet as it’s only been 2 seconds since it’s accidentally slipped through your fingers and fallen to its doom on the floor?

Trust me, once you start reading you won’t stop.

This is actually what one of my favorite blogs covers…

Sparkly Science Blog

You have to give it a read (Click the logo above) – you’ll be wowed, fascinated and probably even laugh a little! It’s written in such a fab style you’ll enjoy very minute.

Let me know what you think, and If your scienc-y interest is revamped upon reading.

Chloe xx

Science: doesn’t it intrigue you too?

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