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#SBBC Day 13 | Post You Are Most Proud Of

By Beaumaquillagex @beaumaquillagex
Hi everyone, I am sorry this is a day late but I had no time yesterday to write this post! But here it is now. I know I am doing this a day early(it should be today - but this post is yesterdays) but I have another post planned for today.
So the post I am most proud of on my blog? This post:
#SBBC Day 13 | Post You are Most Proud OfI know this probably sounds really cheesy, but this is the post I am most proud of because it was the first blog post I ever published, and back then on the 10th June 2012 I could never have imagined that I would be sitting here today with 555 GFC followers and 426 Bloglovin' followers.
Prior to this blog, I have had about 2 other blogs, but each time they didn't work, and I think it was probably because I was a bit young, and at the time I didn't have very much makeup because I was only 12/13 so I didn't really have anything to blog about. But as my collection and interest in beauty and fashion grew I decided I wanted to start another blog! And so Beaumaquillagex was born. I am not entirely sure why I called it this, but I just remember being really stuck and then the next thing I knew it, I had come up with the name. My blog means a lot to me and it has come such a long way. I am now really proud of the appearance of my blog (Thanks Becca!) and I can't wait to see where my blog takes me next. 
The reason this post is the one I am most proud of, is because it was the start of something really great for me(I am sorry, that sounds so cheesey, but it's true!).
Thanks for reading,
Which post are you most proud of on your blog?
#SBBC Day 13 | Post You are Most Proud Of

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