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Savvy Circle - Ambi Pur 3volution Plug in

By Hannah Staveley
Savvy Circle - Ambi Pur  3volution plug in
Supersavvyme is an online community that helps you get more out of every aspect of life. We love sharing hints and tips abou...t the home, garden, health, style, family, food and more. But what we love even more is when those tips come from you. You'll also find offers, product reviews, great competitions and a lot more - all to help make your life that little bit easier.
In with the Supersavvyme site is the Savvy Circle which members are the first to try the latest P&G products, share them with their friends and feedback to their favorite brands.

One which we have been involved with the Ambi Pur 3volution plug in....Savvy Circle - Ambi Pur  3volution plug in
Ambi Pur 3volution cycles through three gorgeous scents every 45 minutes so our homes are constantly feeling fresh. On top of that, it also contains a touch of Febreze to attack unwanted odours
 When our kit came you got....
To try out ourselves:
1x Ambi Pur 3volution Starter Kit containing a plug in and a Vanilla Latte refill
A savvy circler’s Insider Info guide
To pass on to friends, family, colleagues and neighbours:
15x £2.00 off Ambi Pur 3volution Starter Kit coupons
10x £1.00 off Ambi Pur 3volution refills
‘Ask your friends’ sheets to collect their opinions!

Savvy Circle - Ambi Pur  3volution plug in
All ready for our party at home!
We had our family over before Christmas to get together and to how Ambi Pur plug in are used.

We are testing the Ambi Pur 3volution starter kit in Vanilla Latte RRP of £9.00 but can be found right this minute just for £5.00,and with the vouchers my friends & family got from us they got the kit for a whopping amazing low price of £3.00 :)   Savvy Circle - Ambi Pur  3volution plug in1. Remove caps from refill. Do not remove bottles from holder.2. Unplug before inserting refill. Click refill into place.3. Plug into socket with bottles at bottom. Leave 50cm clear above.4. Every 45 min a different light shows which fragrance is diffused.Having two kids can bring its own challengers one been smells! "oh yes" we all know if your child had been out and about in the garden or doing sports it can get a little of some odd smells.

With this Ambi Pur 3volution kit you can get long lasting freshness without spraying all them different lotion and potions about your home. 

Or...Create a welcoming atmosphere with this creamy vanilla scent. Inspired by the atmosphere of your favorite coffee shops, this fragrance captures the true aroma of frothy milk and rich Vanilla. Create the ambiance you desire in your home with Ambi Pur Single Chamber plug in air freshener diffuser; it eliminates odour and freshens the air. Ambi Pur Single Chamber plug in refills are available in a bountiful range of high quality fragrances that eliminate odours and freshen, letting you and your home enjoy a true scent and freshness experience. On top of this, you can adjust the diffuser depending on the intensity of scent you desire and each refill lasts up to 90 days if used 12 hours a day on setting 2.All in all we have all love how the Ambi Pur 3volution starter kit preforms and our feedback forms have been very positive. You can find this started kit in most Supermarkets.

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