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Saturn Conjunct Fixed Star Eltamin - Cleaning up a Mess

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Saturn conjunct fixed star Eltamin - Cleaning up a mess

I love the influence of the fixed stars and over the past couple of weeks I have been getting deeper and deep into the lore of them and the hidden effects that they have on all of society. Through the research I have been doing this week, when the planets connect with the stars, they have a potent effect, I am now totally convinced of that.

Now you may realise that Saturn is now almost at a halt, it turns retrograde on Wednesday 5th April, and it does so conjunct to the star Eltamin (sometimes known as Etamin or Eltanin), sitting at 28.13 degrees Sagittarius in the right eye of Draco, the constellation of the dragon. This star is not widely used these days by modern Astrologers, but the Egyptians took good notice of it as it was the closest star to the North Pole 4000 years ago.

This star has in the past been linked to poison and to danger, and to cleaning up something that has become infected, thus there is also a sense of purifying a situation and renewing it once everything bad has been eliminated. That is a very interesting set of interpretations as Saturn, the planet of loss, restriction, laying down the law and administration stations retrograde on it.

Do you get the sense that administrations, those who run things and situations where there is a lot of poisonous attitudes are going to be taken to task by Saturn very severely over this retrograde period? I wonder what I am inferring here?? I bet you can guess... In essence, anything that is dirty, infected, rotten to the core, hiding something that we really should find out is liable to be cleaned up by Saturn between now and the last week of August, just as we experience the next Solar Eclipse. I truly think this next retrograde period is going to be a critical one, where we uncover a lot of interesting answers. By then hopefully the truth will be out in the open and those who have done wrong will await their fate.

In a connection to this it is highly interesting that tomorrow the British Government is launching a task force to clean up the effect of religious extremism within the prison population in the United Kingdom, something that has been steadily rising over the past few years. That is the effect no doubt of Saturn sitting right on this star.

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