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By Uglytruthis

Went out with some friends last night and got really drunk. Got hit with a major panic attack in the bathroom and thought I was going to die. What do my friends do? lock me in the car and continue on for hours. 

Claustrophobia reminded me of being locked away in a shake in the woods or in a closet or in our old underground  storm shelter without an escape. (PTSD memory recalls) So I had to call someone else to come pick me up in the sever weather watch we had last night. Running through the town in the pouring rain.

Now your head is saturated, and your heart has been invaded.

I should feel more angry right now about this. The anger is yet numb. These people are no friends of mine! No one deserves to be treated like that. Friends should only encourage you to make better decisions. To be a better person. This way of life is not one I want to live anymore…

Addiction will not heal my broken soul, as the pain lingers on still

These people will not bring me down with them any longer

I choose to let go

I will walk away!

No more turning back

Stay strong<3 you are not alone

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