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Sarah Palin – Unpredictable, Controversial, and Back on a Bus to Blitz the US.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Sarah Palin

Wether you love her or just can’t stand her, one thing is for sure. It is impossible to ignore the former Governor of Alaska, as she fills more column inches on the internet, the media and the newspapers than Barack Obama himself. As she starts her national bus tour, very reminiscent of the political “battle buses” the political leaders climb aboard before a UK election to tour the country, one wonders if she harbours an ambition to challenge the incumbent President in 2012, or is this a stunt to build up a powerbase before having a clear shot in 2016? With Palin, it is hard to predict, as her natal chart, (born on 11th Feb 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho at 21.44 – disputed birth-time), is one of the more unusual that I have seen.

Sarah Palin’s chart is dominated by Uranus and Aquarius, and I mean dominated!! Sarah is a Sun sign Aquarius in a close conjunction to Mars and Saturn, if the 21.44 time is accurate straddling the 4th and 5th houses. Also in Aquarius we find both the Moon and Mercury, so she acts like and Aquarian (Mars), thinks like an Aquarian (Mercury), reacts emotionally like an Aquarian (Moon), has Aquarian ambitions (Saturn) and what is more all those planets save Mercury have stressful aspects to Aquarius’ ruler Uranus, which itself is in a hard-line conjunction to Pluto, the aspect that defined the revolutionary spirit of the 60’s. Talk about an overload of one planet!!

SarahPalin natal

Aquarius is the mover and shaker in the heavens, the planet that more than any over casts aside the old guard and ushers in new fresh ideas and attitudes. Aquarius through the planet Uranus represents revolution, rebellion and unpredictability. It also gives a severely social edge to anyone, wanting to do the best for the people in a purely humanitarian way. You will find Aquarian people have a severely glamorous edge, this is an electric quality that crackles and fizzes with enthusiasm; there is a real edge to the personality. Finally, there is the cool detached Aquarian, the one you just can’t get close to but are fascinated by. Sarah has all these characteristics in her chart and and more.

Ok, down to the details. The Sun as I said is part of a powerful conjunction with Mars & Saturn. Here is serious, determined ambition (Saturn in the 5th), Sarah will take the world on her shoulders to get to where she wants to be, without the help of others. That place is somebody who is special, recognised and notable in some way. Sarah seeks attention and adoration. With Mars on the cusp of the 4th & 5th houses, the influence of Mars will blend into the two. The Martian spirit to be first will come through, this is one tough ultra-competitive lady, who will hate to being beaten by anyone. However, with these planets in Aquarius she will go about this in a unique way, if necessary using shock tactics to hammer her point across. This is underscored by the quindecile to Uranus from the triple conjunction. In essence, Sarah is obsessed with bring in a new type of conservatism to gate crash the old politics that have dominated the American political scene for a long time now. With Pluto connected to Uranus by conjunction these ideas are harsh, hard-line and in some cases very extreme. It is interesting that she and Glenn Beck teamed up on the Tea Party project. They are astrological twins, born one day apart and both affected by very similar aspects, they sing from the same Aquarian hymn sheet looking to usher in new values, rebelling against the old Republican line. Wether this is too radical a step for the American people to take at this juncture will be down to them and their consciences. However a bus tour around the whole country certainly from the outside looks like an attempt at the very least to soften them up and to get used to the ideas and ideologies that she has. One other thing before I leave this segment, being Aquarian, watch out for her using technology, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media forums to get her point across – she naturally is very tech-savvy.

Returning to the Sun, Mars Moon & Mercury in the 4th house, here is a lady who very much likes to keep home as a private place and with the Moon here, I can guess that her mother would have been a big influence on her life. Mercury and the Moon here indicate a love of history, heritage and the past plus a love of books and reading, Sarah despite her image will be very well read and she will love to write too. Her book “Going Rogue” says all you need to say about her, with yet again a very Aquarian title. Sextile to Mercury and the Moon is Venus in the 6th house. This aspect gives Sarah a charm and caring edge, especially in one to one encounters, as well as considerable artistic flair. Mars and Sun quindecile Uranus hints that family life in the Palin household will be punctuated by temper tantrums and disagreements and the atmosphere will be quite chaotic, however with the Sun and Moon in the 4th all this will be kept tightly under wraps.

Jupiter all alone in the 7th house is peregrine and sits opposite her ascendant. This is a very positive position and this positivity and optimism will shine through her personality. It indicates a fruitful and enjoyable married life, she thoroughly enjoys being a wife and being opposite her ascendant gives her abundant good fortune, she will feel that she can get away with murder. Jupiter unconnected to any other planet will encourage her to do everything in a BIG brash way. The bus tour is a good example. She isn’t visiting just targeted states, she is travelling around the whole country. The Jupiter influence also extends to her faith which she will openly acknowledge, she was born into a Roman Catholic family and she has described herself as a bible believing Christian.

Now we come to the real fly in the ointment for me. Connecting to the Sun Mars Saturn conjunction by square aspect and to the Uranus Pluto aspect by sextile is Neptune placed in the 2nd house of self-worth and finance. Wherever you find Neptune it casts a cloud of confusion and deception, maybe of rose-tinted optimism over whatever it touches. Neptune in the second could make her either confused or deceptive over her financial dealings, the joint aspects to Pluto and the Sun indicate that some elephants could be hiding in the cupboard somewhere along the line; the square may encourage her to embellish the truth. In my experience, taking that course of action always comes back to hurt you later on. Neptune square Sun always wants to take the least line of resistance. Neptune in the second house is often the position of someone who makes their money from creative mediums like TV and film and radio. Already Palin has had a headline spot on Fox News in the US.

If Sarah does officially decide to run for the Presidency, I will look at her suitability for the position in a following post, however just by looking at her chart I would guess that creative media like TV and radio will offer the former Governor of Alaska a far more fulfilling career long-term, as I believe her views are far too controversial for majority of Americans to take and I think she would buckle under the pressure of such high an office, with that troublesome and debilitating Neptune square Sun, Mars and Saturn. Time of course will tell…

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