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San Diego Sailboat Capsize Tragedy

By Sailingguide

What happened to make a 26-foot sailboat capsize in San Diego Bay yesterday in calm conditions, killing 2 of the 10 people on board? Initial reports indicated the sailboat was 35 feet - a size of boat that should never capsize in light winds and waves - but this was later corrected to 26 feet. It was then reported that the sailboat was a MacGregor 26, a lightly ballasted model that could overturn if a large number of passengers and crew moved at the same time to the leeward side of the boat. The MacGregor 26 is generally seaworthy when sailed in appropriate conditions following established safety principles. Very sadly, the 73-year-old father and his son perished in the incident before rescuers could arrive. Eight others were thrown in the water but survived.


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