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Sample Stop - Avene SPF 50+ Sunscreen

By Hlthbeauty
Here is a quick review on one of the Avene samples I received as GWP.
Its on the Avene Very High Protection Water Resistant SPF 50+ Sunscreen.
Sample Stop - Avene SPF 50+ Sunscreen I got 2 tubes of this product along with my main purchase & both the tubes together gave me around 12-13 uses easily.
Yes.. I have formed my opinion on this product in less than 2 weeks time... if anyone has any altercation to this.. you can always choose to stop reading the rest of the review....
The sunscreen is bright white & of lotion-y consistency.
It gets easily absorbed into the skin upon application, but normal-dry skinned beauties need prior moisturization for this product to glide in.
Sample Stop - Avene SPF 50+ Sunscreen
Its non-greasy & does not give any white cast & also prevents the skin from tanning... Yes! I am person who gets easily tanned & have years of tan still sitting on my skin comfortably. This product helped me from tanning further....
It has broad spectrum protection, is water resistant & the consistency is something I love!
I see that Avene has separate suncare products for dry-normal skin, sensitive skin & combi-oily skin.. which is the need of the hour! Brownie points to Avene for this!
You can buy the full size for INR 1250 (50 ml.)
I might as well pick the full size of this product.....According to me, One great product from Avene!
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