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#MACCosmetics #CaitlynJenner Collection #Lipstick - #Understanding

By Hlthbeauty

MAC kinda got boring in the past year couple of years for me.... since most of their collections were just old wine in new bottle - re-promotes of existing/already seen LE shades in new packaging!

However, there are times when they collaborate for a cause and hit the right wicket too with their makeup collection! Caitlyn Jenner is one such collection from MAC this time, after they had earlier collaborated together in early 2016 too for "Finally Free".

Caitlyn Jenner has been pretty much vocal and open about her gender transformation - which is commendable! Whatever reason or benefits she gets out of it is truly not my business!

This time MAC collaborated with Caitlyn for a complete makeup collection, that consisted of eye shadows, compacts, lip liners and lipsticks too.

MACxCaitlynJenner collection consists of three lipsticks -

I just picked one shade - UNDERSTANDING from USA, since we had no news on whether this collection is going to get launched in India. Caitlyn's "Finally Free" never got launched here. Surprisingly, this collection is available online exclusive in Nykaa & not even at MAC outlets.


#MACCosmetics #CaitlynJenner Collection #Lipstick - #Understanding

#MACCosmetics #CaitlynJenner Collection #Lipstick - #Understanding

#MACCosmetics #CaitlynJenner Collection #Lipstick - #Understanding

#MACCosmetics #CaitlynJenner Collection #Lipstick - #Understanding

#MACCosmetics #CaitlynJenner Collection #Lipstick - #Understanding

#MACCosmetics #CaitlynJenner Collection #Lipstick - #Understanding

The packaging deserves a special mention - spells class in shiny gold and matte black casing. The golden lid has a mirror finish and is prone to fingerprints!

The shade in the bullet is a bright orange leaning towards a little neon coral pink. I don't know why MAC calls it as "hot red" in their website! Traditional MAC vanilla scent appeals to you when opened for use.

Understanding is of cremesheen finish, so glides easily over lips & needs about 2 swipes to get desired pigmentation and shine on the lips. Its not overtly sheeny and hence can be comfortably worn to office.

Yes, office! Don't let the bright orange bullet intimidate you. Blot the lipstick after 2 swipes, and go for another 1-2 to your liking and rock this shade at work.

I was very skeptical about putting this lipstick to good use the moment I received it, but I knew how to work my way out. I love pairing this lipstick with sober shades like beige, grays and navy blues for work - where this lipstick does all the talking with perfect work wear shades. Simple eye makeup with a neutral eye shadow and kohl should do.

A colleague even mentioned how casually I pull of oranges, such bright ones too { only I know ;) }

Over time it kinda tends to settle in the lines of your lips, if you have a proper Indian meal. A touch-up is definitely required, even otherwise since this shades tends to fade off in 2-3 hrs leaving behind a nice coral pink tint.

If you are not a fan of oranges, but have this lipstick and still want this to work for you - would suggest you to blot after 2 swipes and dust some translucent powder, which gives a stunning coral pink shade shortly with your body warmth.

Here I have paired this with a navy blue polka dots blouse that I wore along with black formal trousers. Kept the makeup very minimal, for the lipstick to do all the talking. The background in other pictures is a beige and black kurti of mine with which the lipstick works great again!

#MACCosmetics #CaitlynJenner Collection #Lipstick - #Understanding

After some 2 hours.... looks coral pinkish as below.

#MACCosmetics #CaitlynJenner Collection #Lipstick - #Understanding

This shade will work on all skin tones with right kind of makeup and clothes!

If you have an "understanding" of how to make this shade work for you - "Understanding" definitely does! :D

I am reaching out to this shade more often in contrast to what I believed when I laid hands on it!

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