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Salon Gallery Artificial Harlequin Design Nails

By Balmainbeauty @BalmainBeauty
I bought three different design packs for NZ$2.00 each. I like a Harlequin design so I decided to try applying this one first. It was fairly easy, a couple of nail's I had to try twice, the nail wouldn't stick onto my real nail. I applied one coat of Revlon ColorStay Top Coat to make gloss and protect them.
Salon Gallery Artificial Harlequin Design Nails
You can find different brand's in budget shops like Dollar King, Poundland etc.
The only negatives are these nail's are a little too long and if I cut them with a nail clipper the tip design would be too short.
Also applying to my right hand was a bit more fiddly because I'm right-handed and the nail's on the left hand made it difficult picking up nail's for the right hand.
I didn't expect much for a $2 set of nail's so I think they look okay and turned out better than expected.
I applied this at 11am this morning, it's now 2:30pm and none have come unglued and I've done two load's of washing, folded clothes away and changed my bed linen, so that's pretty good. I have also not bumped them and screamed in pain as these are glued onto my real nail's.
Do you wear press-ons, or in this case glued-on nail's?

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