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Ryder-Walker Welcomes Terese Broderick!

By Ryderwalker @RyderWalker

Ryder-Walker Welcomes Terese Broderick!
Last week we said goodbye to Nicole, so this week we say hello to Terese Broderick! Terese is a Telluride native and has been working/training with us for about a month and-a-half. She is taking over Nicole’s position and will work hand-in-hand with Melanie Eggers, our managing director, wearing many hats and doing all the day-to-day stuff that needs to be done.
Terese speaks great German, she loves to travel, and she has a really sweet voice on the phone. If you get a chance, do call her. It will brighten your day. Please join us in welcoming Terese, our newest addition to the Ryder-Walker Team!
You can read more about Terese and other Ryder-Walker staff members at our staff page.

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