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Ryder Hesjedal Admits to Doping

Posted on the 01 November 2013 by Worldxcmtb @worldxcmtb
Ryder Hesjedal admits to doping

(google translate)Ryder Hesjedal, recent winner of the Tour of Italy in 2012 , admits to having used doping at World Championship 2003 XCO in Lugano ( Switzerland) , after being mentioned in the book of Michael Rasmussen , who was also former Professor of mTB XCO and world champion in Aare (Sweden) in 1999.
Hesjedal Ryder after a dull season on the road, made this statement providing additional information and receiving praise from Wada . It is not the same wavelength Parisien , Canadian athlete , reserve at the Beijing Olympics in which the owners were just Hesjedal and Barry , another neoconfesso for doping : "I'm disgusted by their attitude , especially when I think that I could participate in the Olympic Games in Beijing, where I was a reserve, and instead I had to settle to see those two run . Provo disgust and frustration at what has happened and how they have behaved . crooks who are , by their attitude , have affected a large part of my career , especially when I was young. there is no remedy to this situation , I'll be the one to metabolize , but no one will give back what it was stolen . And no one will punish nor Hesjedal or Barry . Unless this is frustrating".
"I loved and I love this sport, but more than ten years ago I chose the wrong path ," this is the confession of Hesjedal to the international press . Rasmussen has confessed to having used illicit drugs 1998-2010 insegnandone tricks to Hesjedal , then talent in the Mountain Bike. To note the podium in the bloody 2003 World Championships in Lugano : 1 Meiraghe ( subsequently excluded for Epo ) , Hesjedal 2nd , 3rd Paulissen ( stopped two years in 2010 for a positive to a hormone ) .
Rasmussen says in his book that would teach all the tricks to Hesjedal in 2003 having regard to its participation in the upcoming Athens Olympics but had never seen him inject anything.
What can I say , surely no one is to justify, even characters like Rasmussen for convenience before dope ( getting fame and money ) and then, repenting , they write books.

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