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Russia Steals a March on Washington Over Syrian Crisis.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

obama putin

In the diplomatic wrangling over what to do with Assad and Syria, Russia has seemingly taken the lead in the crisis by offering a diplomatic solution in getting Syria to give up all their chemical weapons, outflanking Barack Obama’s initial threat of military action. This has made Obama and America look weak, ineffective as they backtracked from their stated position and handed the initiative to Russia and Vladimir Putin. In Moscow, they must be toasting the vodka in a diplomatic job well done, where as the recriminations in Washington and the blame games will start. Russia’s power and control of the situation can easily be seen if you have a look at transiting planets against their chart.

Russia(1991chart) transits

A couple of things to concentrate on here. Transiting Jupiter is moving through the Russian 11th house , the house of friends and is making a double opposition to Neptune, the planets ruling chemicals and gas which rules the Russian 8th house of other people’s or ion this case other country’s possessions. It is also making an opposition to natal Uranus which on the Russian chart rules relations with other countries, Aquarius, the sign connected to Uranus sits on the cusp of the Russian 7th house. Both these planets sit in the Russian 5th house, the house of diplomacy so you can see all the links here, international diplomatic talks over the chemical weapons of a friendly nation. Transiting Jupiter is now making a very helpful and opportunistic sextile to the Russian natal Jupiter, which rules that 5th house as well.  The other key aspect here is Pluto now moving over the Russian North Node empowering Russia just when she requires it. In diplomatic terms, Russia has power, influence and control and is manipulating the world agenda it’s way. Square to the Nodal Axis is transiting Uranus in the 9th house, also connected to foreign relations and this may explain Russia’s unexpected offer bringing new ideas to the table just when the world was looking at a new military conflict starting.

USStolteChart Russia

It is a quirk of fate that the US and Russian North Node/South Node axis using the latest Russian chart after the 1991 revolution sits across the 9 degree Cancer/Capricorn axis; the Russian North Node is at 9:51 Capricorn and the US North Node is at 9:36 Cancer exactly opposite each other. Even more amazingly if you were to look at the old Russia chart set for St Petersburg on 11 Sept 1917 at 05.15 hrs, the North Node is at 8:21 Capricorn, just one degree away from the modern Russian chart. This just shows the divide between the two world superpowers and the intrinsic links between them that have survived the last century. I have highlighted this intriguing opposition on the chart above.

USStolteChart transits

Now that means that as Russia (on whichever chart you use) picks up the Pluto conjunction on her North Node giving her strength, that same Pluto transit sits on the US South Node, a point of detriment. Russia has power and control right now, and the US is losing it. Notice as well that transiting Jupiter now moving in the house of diplomacy (which rules the US Midheaven, the administration) is opposing the US Mars , so she wants international military action, but because of Pluto on the South Node she has lost control of the situation and thus the international agenda. Uranus square to the Nodal axis brings in unexpected action that hits the US nation hard, because Aquarius rules the US Ascendant and thus the chart. Transiting Mars is trine to the Midheaven fueling the need for action and it is square to the US Saturn and Mercury, which has transiting Saturn forming a difficult Saturn return. This is another block on any US action because of international talks (Mercury in 9th) and the US administration is at this moment being taught some hard lessons - the 9th house after all is the house of higher learning and wisdom.

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