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By Khourianya @khourianya
#RunWrimoRun - that's how you'll find a whole bunch of us runners who are attempting it.
Well - it's here!  Happy November...or, more importantly, Happy National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)!!!  The month Momma revolves around word counts and gets a blue-cast tan from the light of her laptop screen in the wee hours.
Like any good Wrimo, I started writing (just a bit) first thing this morning and then skipped my lunch hour workout so I could type some more.  Damn this thing called work and how it seriously gets in the way of my writing.
I am just shy of 2000 words for today and plan to probably double that tonight.  I truly believe using early in the month momentum to boost word count is important...
and then, on Sunday, I am going for a run and write-in with Keith so we can see if word warring will help us both win (though he will have the unfair advantage of his shiny new macbook while I have to plunk away on my 4 year old one LOL)
Now, I have managed to convince a fair few people to join me on this crazy journey, but I know not everyone has time to write a book this how about NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month - where you challenge yourself to write a blog post every single day...
C'mon...think you can do it?  Why not give it a go?  What about the whole NaNo shebang?
And if you are a runner who is also a wrimo this month, why not join the conversation?  We are tweeting with the hashtag #runwrimorun and you can also join us in our little G+ community (it's private, but if you ask, I'll let you in).  Feel free to join us if you are doing any running and writing this month.

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