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Running Around Boulder

By Xmarkm @matthews_mark
Back from a fantastic vacation in Boulder.

The city of Boulder, the ski resorts, and the Rocky Mountains have always been a favorite. The whole area is built around active people and surrounded by nature's playground. All of this makes the whole area shine. I of course had to stop by the famous "Boulder Running Company".

My wife and I were without kids, so with just a camel back and small backpack to carry rather than a couple offspring, we went up and down mountains on  5 hour hikes each day. We mixed up the hikes with some trail runs when possible, although many times I had to nearly grabble to move. Incredible, tricky inclines, and descents where one misstep would result in a face first dive into a minefield of jagged rocks made it feel more like mountain biking than running. Felt like a bad-ass at times, until some olympian-hopeful Boulderite flew by me. 
My legs got pounded, my heart was happy, and now I return to the real world which has quickly taken over like a fast acting virus. 
Pictures or it didn't happen.


On the top of the world looking down at creation


A pit stop on the way to an even higher peak


Hiking along a waterfall in Rocky Mt National Park

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