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#rundisney Marathon Training Plan

By Xmarkm @matthews_mark
I've never followed a set marathon training plan, but I did at least used to have some complexity to my training mix. Speedwork mixed with marathon pace runs mixed with long runs and progressive long runs, all sprinkled with a touch of junk miles. But, when you’re just plodding along, this all changes. All I do is document my long runs, and approximate date, and bamn! The rest of the week, I fill in with whatever I please. 
Here is my minimalist training plan with just the Long Run noted, titled "from couch potato to marathon". It starts with race day and goes backwards. (Note: this training plan is copyrighted and any attempts to replicate without expressed written consent of the author and major league baseball is prohibited)
January 11th    - 26.2 miler through 4 parks singing Skippy-dee-doo-dah!
December 21st  - 22 miler
December 7th - 20 miler
November 23rd - 20 miler
November 10th - 18 miler
October 28th  - 16 miler
October 14th - 16 miler
September 28th -  14 miler (Brooksie Way Half Marathon)
September 18 - 14 miler
September 6th -  12 miler
August 25th  - 12 miler
August 14th  10 miler
August 1st   10 Miler
July – Three 8 milers 
June - Three 6 milers
May - Run Zero Miles all month

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