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Rude, Crude, and Lewd...the GOP's Identity Crisis

Posted on the 05 May 2016 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
Rude, Crude, and Lewd...and they say the GOP  is fighting an Identity Crisis!?!?
The Republican Dumbo has truly become that White Elephant...with its extinction estimated on or about July 18th - 26th. in Cleveland, Ohio.
The new 'regime' of Heir Donald the Conceited will begin to take control of the GOP and rapidly change the philosophy and soul of a Moderate to Conservative Political Party, to all extreme forms of the Far Right Wing's philosophy, with just the right amount of Fascism thrown in!
Here you have the presumptive standard bearer...the man voted by the Republican's rank and file to lead them to victory in November and become the most powerful man in the, in his own little Misogynous and the Xenophobic world, and sprinkled with a lot of Hate, Fear, and Racism!
Eric Erickson, Conservative host and founder of RedState said; “Twenty years ago Republicans supported impeaching the President of the United States for lying under oath in office and having an affair in the Oval Office,”... “Now that same party is on the verge of nominating a Serial Philanderer and Pathological Liar. At the very least the GOP owes Bill Clinton an apology.” He continued; “Bigger problem begins with Republicans now losing any sense of shame and surrendering to their lesser angels in the name of unity around a man unfit for Presidency".
The Republican Party has become a sore talking point for Vulgarity, Shamelessness, Immorality, Indecency, Hypocritical Liars, and most of all Degenerates...with absolutely no substance or credibility on any or all political issues! The GOP's Clown Show has become a standout comedy routine...both the 2012 and 2016 editions continue to be the best reality show seen around the world!
And this year's embarrassment of the ages...the least qualified human to ever run for President of the United States of America...the world is watching and laughing, watching the incredible ignorance and sheer stupidity of an electorate in a modern society, destined to board that Ship of Fools.
Chaos, a word associated more with the Democratic Party, than the excessively proper conservative GOP...has moved across to the Right side of the aisles! Reince Priebus and the their own hypocrite ways had been publically trying to set up ways to impede Trump's, with reality settling into the Grand Old Party that Trump is going to be their eventual standard bearer, the sermon according to Reince is; Unity! uniting behind Trump!
Yea, sure! the nominee Trump has called the Dumbos every name in the book, even threatening them (like he does with everyone else), if he doesn't get the nomination...then you have the  fighting and disorder caused by his followers (with his baiting and blessings) to those who don't agree with Heir all but a common thing in today's Republican Trumpism!
A score of GOP House members running for re-election are trying to stay a good long distance away from Trump, and treating him like the Plague. In the Senate? much the same...and their fear of losing the Senate, is much more important to them than the self-egotistical Trumpster and his new found friends, the American Neo-Nazis and the KuKluxKlan, both giving Trump their grand Endorsement and full support. It's that "Full Support" that makes you wonder!
And you really expect total unity? which is the only way they stand any chance? A good portion of them say they would rather put up with 4 more years of Obama, who they hate with a passion than be associated directly or indirectly in any way, shape, or form...or even seen...with Trump! Then, there's those Republicans who have stated they will vote for Hillary if Le Grande Orange becomes the GOP Nominee.
The Republican Party has brought all this up, themselves! The old Republican Cocktail Party crowd gave the Tea Party crowd, an invitation to consolidate with them...since then, old line Dumbos have fallen along the way in favor of the new Tea drinkers...and finally coming out of that marriage? their own demise.
The $64k Question: Who will lower their standards low enough...especially after the GOP's Primary follies, and the all the dirt that was thrown across the room...and agree to be the Trumpster's VP?
Donald Trump was right...he loves all those poor and  "Uneducated People", cause those precise uneducated people are his primary supporters! 
Trump’s improbable coup leaves Republican Party in an identity crisis - The Washington Post

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