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By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5
Do you, 
Need a reason to drink?
Need a reason to eat?
Need a reason to sing?
Need a reason to breathe?
Need a reason to answer 
These questions so bleak?
Do you; 
Need a religion of love
To spread violence and blood?
And the purity of white
To spread loathe and despise?
Need faith and hope
As a reason to believe
Or fear and despair
To find your relief?
Do you,
Need peace of mind
To grease your soul
In a liquor of pleasure ,
In a blasphemous cold?
Need a song of love
To calm your grief
Or a lament melody
To sabotage your ease?
Do you, 
Need tea to relax
Or a drink to reflect?
Drifting among 
Your delusional beliefs, 
To break apart 
Your sentiments and breach.
Need assurance to recover
Your faux beliefs, 
Or a primal line
To surround you field?
Do you; 
Doubt it’s on you
This poem I wrote?
Then sit back and flex
Those muscles so sore
Put a cigarette
Between your lips
And choke the sense
Your mind just clipped
Drift your logic
Amidst the smoke
Your presence, surrendered
To the power of dope
Why do you need
Then, a reason at all,
When you have bowed to failure
When you have murdered the clause?
Why do you need 
Then, a religion at all?
When you’re still uncertain 
Your beliefs are flawed.
How do you find a reason then, 
To blame your God?
How do you find a reason then, 
To reason at all?

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