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Royal Baby is Born to William and Kate – It’s a Boy !!!

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Wills and kate

At last, the most anticipated baby this year has been born. The drama began at 5.30am this morning as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were slipped quietly into the side door of the St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington in London and finally at 16.24 today, William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge became parents to a new son. This first child eventually will inherit the throne of the United Kingdom and so we are looking at the birth chart of a future monarch.


Back on 15th January, I pinned my colours to the mast and predicted that this baby would be born on the 22nd July 2013 and although I initially predicted a girl, otherwise I was pretty much spot on. Why did I plump for this date? Well, my motivations were based around the stars and the connections therein. Often when a new royal baby was born there would be some celestial sign. Prince William was born on a day of a Solar Eclipse, an auspicious day, and one day assuming nothing changes in the interim, he will assume the throne and become King. This time around there were no eclipses, but we did have a Full Moon in Aquarius, a “Blue Moon” too (maybe there was a sign I missed) on this day and Venus was closing in on a conjunction to the Royal Persian Star, Regulus, the star in the heart of the Lion, a star of kings and of great honours bestowed. Princess Diana had her North Node just over a degree from Regulus, and she became a Princess through marriage.

The new Prince and 3rd in line to the throne is a Sun Cancer, like his father William and also his now deceased grandmother Diana. Often you find direct links between babies and the family skipping a generation and there are more as I will explain later on. Cancerians are protective of their loved ones and of their circle of friends, they are generally sunny in character but they do have the tendency to be rather moody, to worry and to fret. The Sun sits in his 8th house bringing a understanding of power and how to use control. This is a position that is characterised by a life which is much drama, great highs and deep difficult lows, and he may use his influence to transform the lives of many people. Transformation is also indicated by his Scorpio Ascendant, and this influence brings a secretive side as well as an iron will and need to be in control of situations. The Scorpio Ascendant wants to know oneself, and he will be a very honest critic of himself and able to accept that he was wrong if he knew that he was.

For sure there will be an instant strong bond and love of his mother Kate and the Capricorn Cancer opposition effective here brings not only a strong link to the parents but to the UK national chart too, the UK has a Capricorn Sun and a Cancerian Moon. This opposition squares onto Saturn showing a boy who will be serious and dutiful in his emotions. The 11th house Saturn shows a prince who will dearly want to be loved and adored and I feel that this may be quite a shy and reserved young man as he grows up and rather very sensitive to criticism too.

His Capricorn Moon indicates that this young Prince will tend to carry a great burden on his shoulders and the tendency with this placement is not to let on that you are feeling the pressure or strain, Capricorn Moons rarely if ever ask for help. This is the position of someone with a very loyal attitude to one’s friends and companions although he may not be able to relax and enjoy life as much as he would like to. The Moon sits in the 2nd house like Diana had and his sense to be a social servant to his subjects will come through. It is interesting that this position indicates someone who will be a collector, maybe of antiques, family heirlooms and things of the past. If ever you wanted someone who would want to look after the pennies and run a tight budget, then this young man will embody these attributes.

Venus sits in the modest sign of Virgo and this is a very benevolent position and this royal child will have a kind heart and will appreciate those who have one too. In relationships, those with Venus in this sign are quite careful and discriminating about who they are interested in, this is not a position of someone who rushes into love. There is a tendency here for trying to improve one’s partner and a critical side can come out if one is unhappy with what one sees. Virgo is an analytical sign, so here we have someone who can discriminate something which is beautiful and valuable from something that is not. We may see a love of the countryside in him, the environment and animals in particular and this is also a position that will be careful about expenditure, extravagancy is certainly not a trait associated with Venus in this sign. Sitting in the 9th house, we have a love of travel and far away places and culture and of course he will be able to enjoy the chance to travel extensively because of his status. This Venus shows a love of all peoples and cultures, perfect as the future king of a multitude of peoples far and wide and in an ever more multi-cultural Britain. This Venus makes a sensitive opposition to Neptune showing a very romantic and gentle side to the nature and this child will be longing for the perfect love, with potential disillusionment if one can’t be found. As this opposition is combined with an opposition between Sun and Moon, we may find that this child might be quite emotionally discontent at times. There could be musical or artistic talents on show here too which could be an outlet for the emotions.

A wonderfully optimistic and outgoing Jupiter Mars conjunction in Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This is a very instinctive formation, able to make any dream (Neptune) a reality (Saturn) - well this will be true seeing this is the chart of a royal baby. This chart shows administration (Saturn) over a wide international area (Jupiter) and over military connections (Mars) and the Anglican church (Neptune/Jupiter). On a more human level, this grand trine shows great sensitivity, imagination, instinct and appreciation of philosophy and knowledge. This is the chart of a boy who will want to learn and has great capacity to do so. Neptune trine Mars is very creative and tends to prefer a more peaceful solution to problems than a heavy handed approach. Mars and Jupiter both in Cancer are not very forceful in nature especially in an aggressive manner, but they are very welcoming placements for making all people feel happy and accepted; this is someone with a very caring heart. Neptune trine to Jupiter is quite religious in nature, idealistic and tolerant and this indicates someone who will always try to find the easiest, but not necessarily the best way out of any difficulty that they will have to face. Neptune itself in Pisces in his 3rd house brings a dreamy and creative quality to the way he will communicate. This is a gentle and sensitive position and the young prince may be rather intuitive in nature.

With Mercury conjunct to Jupiter and Mars we have someone with a quick mind and a sharp tongue as well as a broad overview of any situation. This is someone who thinks on a big scale and will not be afraid of taking a risk or two. Mercury in Cancer is very interested in the past and in one’s heritage and this person will look to history and be very sentimental of what has gone before and he/she will think in human terms, using intuition and feelings rather than being strictly logical. Mercury opposing Pluto gives a searching and enquiring mind, looking for the truth below the surface of any issue. This person is likely to have a very sharp sense of humor too, with Mercury square to Uranus as well as an interest and possibly a talent with technology and science. Uranus sits in his 4th house and it indicates to me that this boy will be allowed some freedom to grow up in his own way allowing him to have quite a lot of independence, maybe following on from the lessons and precedents that Diana set up in bringing up her two sons.

Moving onto the t-square here, Pluto’s opposition to Jupiter Mars and Mercury enhances the feeling of power and control on this chart. Pluto opposite to Mars shows huge passion, intensity, a powerful will and I suspect this child will endure huge power struggles during his lifetime, possibly of the matter of money finances and possessions. The opposition between Pluto and Jupiter is inordinately lucky in financial terms especially sitting across the 2nd/8th house financial axis of the chart and this aspect favours international travel, which will figure heavily in this baby’s life. Most interestingly of all, his fortunes may change greatly during his lifespan due to this Pluto Jupiter opposition – I wonder what this signifies for the future of Britain?  Jupiter in the 8th house shows a considerable inheritance from one’s parents in time, we all know what that eventually will be and there is a dynamic, rather risky and experimental feel to Uranus square Jupiter and Mars, but also a sense of danger or upset too. Certainly he will love to test himself to the full in maybe sport or through adventure activities, and I expect that he will much enjoy every challenge presented to him. When this very tense and potentially potent aspect is activated by difficult planets, accidents or great misfortune or tragedy could befall this young Prince in time.

With regard to the fixed stars on the day I have already mentioned about Venus conjunct Regulus but there are a couple of other connections active too. Mercury now direct is sitting on the brightest star in the heavens, Sirius. When these two influences connect up, then an important announcement may be made and true to form this was happening. In regard to the character of the baby boy, this brings potential skills with languages and words and I think good communication skills are guaranteed. Uranus sits on the star Alderamin in the constellation of Cepheus, the King, another royal indication. This connection shows that this child should have a connection to the common people and will link himself to community and social projects. Under this influence often a popular leader arrives on the scene.

Three other conjunctions catch my eye, those of the North Node conjunct to the stars Acrux and Alphecca. Acrux in the Southern cross is a star of stability and the establishment assuring that this baby will have to adhere to conservative values and traditions. The connection of Alphecca is an interesting one. This star sits in the constellation of Corona Borealis, the Woman’s Crown. This is a sign of receiving a gift but one where a price has to be paid too. Of course this new born boy will become a monarch, but with this comes a lack of a private life and will always be in the world spotlight. Neptune is also on a royal Persian star, this time Formalhaut in the the constellation of the Southern Fish. This could bring this child an artistic touch, a sense of magic, a mystical air and certainly an aura of charisma, however this star has a downside if you believe your own hype and you feel you are too big for your boots as a fall from grace can come very readily.

You often find that there are links back to older relatives of the new arrival and this is definitely the case here. This baby has it’s natal Saturn sitting on Prince Charles’ South Node, square to his Ascendant and Uranus is conjunct to the Prince’s Aries Midheaven. His Ascendant also mirrors his grandfather’s natal Sun. With the late Princess of Wales Diana, his Pluto is very hauntingly and almost exactly opposing her Cancerian Sun and Saturn is almost exactly square to her Jupiter in Aquarius. His Moon also sits on the same degree as Diana’s Saturn was sitting.

And so a new royal era and a generation begins. My sincerest congratulations to William and to Kate and their new young as yet unnamed Prince. I wish them all health and happiness.

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