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Romance on the Beach – Being Over 50!

By Nancy Bell @nancyfancyfree

This morning my husband and I decided to spend a romantic day at the beach together.  He was feeling really romantic…or manly, and decided to rent a convertible to cruze to the beach in.  It was fun having the wind blowing through my hair and holding hands with my love.  It felt let we were fresh in love, sneaking away for a romantic day where no one would interrupt us.

When we got to the beach he swooped me out of the car and carried me to the sand; I did not know he had that in him still.  (Hopefully, my healthy eating and fitness routine made me lighter and didn’t break his back…ha)  Walking to the ocean listening to the wave’s crash in, holding his hand was so romantic.  It really is the little things that bring the butterflies back.

We walked down the beach to find a more secluded section letting each wave flow over our bare feet.  We didn’t need to say anything just walking and holding hands was the contentment I needed.

When we found a spot on the beach we laid out the blanket and just laid there all afternoon joking around and laughing.  We even made a sandcastle, I haven’t made one since the kids were little.  It was fun acting like we were kids again and letting go of society and expectation.

After the afternoon, we found this really cute seaside grill to eat dinner.  We didn’t plan to stay at the beach that long but it was well worth it, the food was incredible.  We got this delicious seafood dish to share and margaritas.  It was the perfect end to the beach day.

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