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Halloween with the Hubby

By Nancy Bell @nancyfancyfree

Happy Halloween Everyone! I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend full of spooky and fun activities.  This weekend my husband and I laid low at home and were excited to see all little children when they came trick-or-treating.  There is something about Halloween that always brings back emotions and I miss Bobby and Clara.  I think it is because they come back for all the other holidays but Halloween.  Each year gets easier and easier with them away.

Over the weekend my husband and I just hung out around the house doing some fall cleaning.  Before the holidays officially set in, it is always good to get a good house clean out of the way.  On Saturday evening we had trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  It is so fun seeing all the costumes of the kids and getting to chat with some neighbors that we rarely see.

We were exhausted after cleaning all day on Saturday and handing out candy, we went to bed early to get a good night’s rest.  On Sunday we picked right back up with the cleaning and finally finished everything we wanted to get done in the afternoon.  My husband wanted to go out for a late lunch and early dinner to one of the cute sandwich shops near our house.  It really hit the spot after the long day of cleaning.

Last night we started a scary movie marathon…yet again, my husband’s idea.  I like a few scary movies, but I can’t stand gruesome films.  We watched the old Halloween and the Omen last night and had to watch an episode of Friends before we went to bed so we wouldn’t have nightmares.

Now, because it is Halloween, my husband wants continue our scary movie marathon… we will see what we end up doing. J  I want to watch “happy” scary movies, like Hocus Pocus and the Nightmare before Christmas after dinner.  He hasn’t gotten home from work yet, so right now I in charge of our night!

I started making some pumpkin soup for dinner with some spooky snacks for watching the movies tonight.  It is going to be a good Halloween night watching “happy” scary movies!

I hope you had a great Halloween weekend and have a good Halloween!

Until Next Time,


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