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Rimmel Vinyl Jelly Gloss Lip Liners

By Lotionsandpotions @LotionNPotion
I was very excited the other day when a workmate came in and told me that she'd found a little shop ner her that was selling Rimmel Vinyl Jelly Lip Liners for £2.50 for a set of 2.
She had gone a bit mad and bought all the colours she could find and bought them in to see if anyone else wanted her to pick some up.

Rimmel Vinyl Jelly Gloss Lip Liners

From Top to Bottom: 004 Sorbet, 001 Moreish, 010 Tasty, 003 Starlet

I don't usually like to wear lip liners as I feel that sometimes they can look cakey and tend to dry my lips out. However, these are glossy lip liners - I've never heard of glossy lip liners before! Sorry if everyone's already seen these, but I think they're so cool!

Rimmel Vinyl Jelly Gloss Lip Liners

Top to Bottom: 001 Moreish, 004 Sorbet, 003 Starlet, 010 Tasty

010 Tssty was a bit of an extra as I actually only wanted the other shades, but because they cam ein packs of 2 I ended up with Tasty too. It's probably not right for my colouring, but hey ho!

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