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Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - My Experience!

By Melmeko @melmeko
Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - My experience!

Deodorants play an EXTREMELY essentialrole in my lifestyle, considering I live in the stinking hot and humid Tropical Far North Queensland climate, where it’s summer in winter and then come summer,it’s absolutely scorching!!! ~X(  I mean, it’s to the point where you aresweltering hot 24 hours a day; there is just no relief.  :-L  So,what typically goes hand in hand with those kinds of weather conditions?  The ‘Far Northern Walking, Talking SweatFactories’, that’s what, LOL!  :))  With that in mind, I constantly need to be ontop of my game and use a reliable antiperspirant deodorant to avoid reeking of yuckyBO.  :-S

Over the years, I have tried anassortment of ‘BO Abolishers’, such as sprays, roll-ons, pump-actions, solids,powders, natural formulations, you name it, been there done that.  :-<  I must confess though, at this stage, I can’tdeny that I consider my ‘Old Faithful’ aerosol spray-on, which I have routinelyused, on and off, for most of my life, to be my personal pick of the bunch, inthe deodorant stakes, to date. [-X  It reallyis with great reproach, as I am well and truly mindful of my ‘Environmentally Unfriendly’ penchant, becoming more conscious of ‘Greener’ alternatives of late,and the fact that I do like to support natural solutions wherever possible.  :">   Unfortunately, as it is, I am unable to justifycompromising performance for preference, when I haven’t found anything thatworks better for me yet.  :-??  Despite mypersistent efforts to try new and different products, I still keep coming backto my trusty aerosol can.  My own personalspeculation is quite simply, that I believe the best way to mask those peskyodours, is by blasting my underarms with a direct hit of spray (usually up to severaltimes a day, or as needed) :-"   LOL!: ))  But, at the end of the day, basedon my own experience, it is pretty much, all that I have come to expect from themajority of deodorants/antiperspirants, as they tend to only disguise any offensivesmells, hence the need for frequent re-application throughout the day and agenerally unsatisfactory efficacy overall in it's ability to combat perspiration from the source.  :|

Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - My experience!

The sieve/sifter encasing the deodorant.

When Beauty Heaven invited me to trialthe new Rexona Women Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant, I was quickto accept, after all, Rexona is one of my favourite personal care brands and Ican never be armed with too many ‘Odour Eaters’ to help me try and win the war against perspiration, complimenting my tropicallifestyle.  Needless to say, I was, as always, chuffedfor the opportunity to test drive something new. :D  To be honest though, whilst Iwas already aware of the presence of these style deodorants on the market, Ihave never bothered to suss them out, so I was oblivious to the technology and even aftercommitting to the trial, I didn’t exactly think to Google the product I wastaking on, therefore was clueless to what would arrive.  #-o   Upon opening the package, at first glance, I was abit surprised and extremely sceptical because it resembled that of a roll-on, EEK! :-O  Roll-on's, for some reason, justannoy the crap outta me and I have nevertaken a shine to them. >:P   This isanother of my conceptions, amplified mostly by my own ignorance and tenacious (pig-headed :@)) ways no doubt!  Shhh! :-$  Bwahahahaha =))  Oh well, at least I can admitit, hehe;))  Fortunately, when I inspected the packaging somemore, what I soon learned had me more than a little intrigued.  :-?

Technical Stuff:

Rexona Women Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant, as claimed on the outer cardboard packaging, is Clinical strength wetness & odour protection for heavy duty sweating.” (Oooohhhh,that sounds good to me  >:/ ).  It also stated that it is a 48 hourantiperspirant deodorant cream (‘48 hour’, hmm, and the point is? I do shower daily,LOL ;) and ‘cream’, is not exactly the medium I would expect to be consortedwith a deodorant, hmm, sounds COOL!! B-) ) I then discovered something even more bizarre as I continued reading theinformation brochure (that also included the Directions), which accompanied theproduct inside the box.  It reads: Forclinically proven protection, apply to underarms before going to bed (WTH??? :-/  I mean, I’min the habit of applying deodorant following my evening shower anyway, but thisis something quite unusual  /:) ) It goes on to declare, While resting the TRIsolidformula acclimatises to the body, forming a deep level of protection. Thisproduct lasts throughout the day even after a shower.  This protection lasts throughout the followingday.” (WOW, interesting (*) )  You canread more about this innovative technology here.  I am absolutely busting to put it to the testnow, but it’s only mid-morning, noooo, time to stash it away out of site untilthe evening, to deter temptation, hehe!  ;))  Out of site, out of mind! ;)

Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - My experience!

The creamy worms surface!

My Experience:

Ok, now onto the good stuff, after mynormal nightly indulgence (a pampering shower of course, ahh pure bliss :x ), Iwhipped out the new ‘BO Annihilator’, which is encased in translucent plastic, beneatha sieve/sifter type of armour.  Itinstructs that you need to turn the dial at the base to encourage the product upto the surface, which is also the applicator. On my first attempt, it took several turns before I managed to getanything to arise, but eventually the little, tiny worms of thick white creamcame wiggling on out and thereafter, it only takes just one click to providesufficient product to adequately protect one underarm, so I use two clicks allup, per application to cover both armpits. Whilst the texture of the cream resembles that of a rich, decadent bodybalm, it remarkably dries once it contacts the skin, without any tacky residue and remains powder-dry, minus the ghastly chalkiness that normally accompaniesmany deodorants.  :)

I have the Rexona Women Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant in ‘Shower Fresh.’  It is a delicately fragranced, sweet femininescent that smells like a floral bouquet, which doesn’t linger once it’s appliedto the skin, in fact I can’t smell it at all, unless I go and stick my nose rightup close to the applicator, haha! :))  I alwaysuse a scented deodorant (as the fragrance is one of the most important/appealingfactors of selecting a replacement) and this one has nothing, nada, nought, zip,zilch, zero, in terms of fragrance staying power, especially by the nextmorning.  Therefore, I was dubious if itwould be effective enough to even mask any odour, much less do anything else. :-S  Being my true stubborn (yes pig-headed, :@) Ha!:)) ) self, I couldn’t refrain from re-applying it again on the first morning, as Ijust didn't have enough faith that it would work and I wasn’t about to riskbeing caught out smelling icky!! Eww!  :-&  After a full on reasonably warm day(think mid to high 20’s), I was pleased that I was still getting around feelingcompletely fresh and there was no sign of any moisture or musty odours.  I was more daring on the secondday and ditched the AM application and sure enough, come early evening, thesame revolutionary, superb results.  Iwas sooooooooo impressed.  \:D/

Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - My experience!

I didn’t go as far as entirely testingthe whole 48 hour claim though, as in this heat I NEED to shower daily, if nottwice or three times a day, hehe!  ;))  I did however, skip applying the cream oneevening to see how it held up on the second day and while I didn’t apply anyextra deodorant, I did use some of my perfumed body spray, mostly just so thatI smelled good, but even at the end of day two, I was feeling super dry with nostickiness!!!  Hallelujah!!!  <:-P This stuff really rocks!  Ithasn’t aggravated or upset my skin at all, which is very sensitive, so I wouldimagine it would be gentle and safe enough for everyone to use.  It’s also good to go straight after shavingmy underarms, unlike many of my spray’s that wind up stinging and need to beavoided immediately after shaving, this creamy creation, once again, comes uptrumps.  Oh, and when I was applying itone night, I had a black singlet on and some of the product managed to wind upall over the fabric around lower armhole area and I was ticked off at thethought of having to change tops. :-/  Butnope, there was no evidence of any ghastly white marks that I was expecting, soI’m pleased that it dries spotless and doesn’t stain clothing either.  How good is that!!!  =D>

Final Thoughts:

Ican’t get over it, WOW, it lives up to its claims 100% and I love how it distributesa protective veil onto the skin that acts as a barrier to deter moisture. :x  Gosh, I use to wind up soaking wet, drenchedin sweat just drinking my first coffee of a morning, come mid summer, so I amreally looking forward to embracing summer now, instead of wishing I could crawlaway and hibernate somewhere until it’s all over, LOL!  :))  I’m ultra keen to see how it holds up duringthose really sizzling hot days around Christmas time, because if it continuesto perform as well as it is now, then that is half the dilemma of my‘Summertime Blues’ solved!  Combatingthat uncomfortable moisture is extremely appealing, so I have high hopes;)  If it works, I tell you I will bebathing in the stuff, HAHA!!  :))  Did anyone mention that it was fine to usefrom head to toe, hehe, ;)) gee if only that were the case, I would be in myglories, ahh ;;) can picture it now, makeup application would be so muchsimpler! (OK, ok, snap out of it! I better stop dreaming now and get back toreality, LOL! 8-> ) 

Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - My experience!

The thick texture of the cream wiped on my skin, which instantly disappears!


Tip: Considering it’s basicallywaterproofing your skin, if you find it to be a challenge to wash off, tryusing an AHA body wash or scrub and all traces of product will instantly meltoff your skin, leaving a completely clean canvas for your next application! *-:)

Rexona Women Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant  retails for $13.99 (I know, it may seem a bit steep for adeodorant, but hey this stuff works so I am more than happy to fork out theextra for something so effective) and is available at pharmacies and leadingsupermarkets nationally.  It’s a definitewinner for me 5/5! :-bd  Now I might be finally able to steer clear of my 'Environmentally Irresponsible' aerosol can once and for all and do my bit to contribute a little extra something towards becoming more 'Eco Friendly' :) What kind of deodorant/antiperspirant do you prefer?  Have youtried this yet or have you already found yourself a magic 'BO Buster'?  Please feel free to share your thoughts :)  

All images and views expressed in this post are my own.

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