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REVIEW Sunraysia Heart Beet

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
Is there anybody out there that still loves a fruit or vegetable as much as they did as a child? For me the beetroot not only is delicious but has a few memories surrounding it and is always something I reach for in the fridge (or pantry).
Recently Beetroots have become the center of attention in the health world much like almond milk and coconut water as being very beneficial.
A clinical trial conducted using Sunraysia Beetroot and Apple Juice, found that when consumed as part of a normal diet in healthy adults, it is proven to lower blood pressure, particularly in men.[1]
In 2011/2012, it was believed that almost 4.6 million Australians aged 18 years and over had high blood pressure, and that high blood pressure is the greatest attributor to the burden of Cardio Vascular Disease.[2]
My family is riddled with heart diseases and heart problems, so it is something I often think about and we all get regular check-ups.
So as you all know for a year now I have made some pretty dramatic health changes for the best, and have never looked back. I needed in on this beetroot juice craze, and I was lucky enough to have Sunraysia send me a few glass bottles to try out.
REVIEW Sunraysia Heart Beet
Recently launched Sunraysia’s Heart Beet is a mix of beet and apple juice, so I didn’t know what taste to expect.
Heart Beetis a delicious Beetroot & Apple juice. Made from 100% juice, it has no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. It’s pumping with great beets and is full of goodness, boasting 90% beetroot juice and 10% apple juice. REVIEW Sunraysia Heart BeetOne standard 150ml serve of Heart Beet is equivalent to 1.5 serves of vegetables.
For me I knew what to expect when it came to beetroot, as I know its taste all to well. I was expecting a real dirty beet flavor and a hint of apple.
REVIEW Sunraysia Heart Beet
In the past I have tried beetroot shots, but they were not very pleasant and an absolute dread to drink.
This is sweet, but yet still remains to have the full flavor of the beetroot juice – the apple juice really tones down the harsh raw juice flavor.
I like that you only have to consume 150mLs at a time though as I don’t think I would be able to drink a whole huge glass—the juice just isn’t for my taste buds.
But like anything I will do anything if it will improve my health naturally!!
REVIEW Sunraysia Heart Beet
I can’t give a verdict whether or not this stuff works, but I couldn’t see it doing harm to you!
After about the third glass (much like soda water) the flavor began to grow on me and became a juice I could drink regularly.
Never again will my health take the back burner, and it is now my number one priority as it is something I need FOREVER!
REVIEW Sunraysia Heart Beet
My girls don’t approve of this juice though, and I don’t think it is something their little taste buds like- so for now this is Mummies drink.
REVIEW Sunraysia Heart Beet

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