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Review of 2014

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90

hi everyone,
so now thats the new year is officially in full swing, and its already the 10th of january (what???!!!) i thought i would basically do a roundup of my whole year and tell you the things i've learnt about my self and life in general along the way.
i haven't seen anyone do a post like this yet so tell me if you find this interesting?
So, because i have a memory like a sieve i cannot remember all the things that have happened to me throughout the year, so nothing is going to be in a partially order.
i have learnt:

review of 2014 (my first ever pancake i tried from +Tone ItUp 24/04/13)

  • that losing weight is possible, and very easy!
  • to enjoy exercise
  • that its ok to pig out on chocolate ever so often
  • i have an amazing family
  • to enjoy the time i spend with my mom and dad
  • you can enjoy life
  • I am way too addicted to instragram 

review of 2014
(my cheat meal at ed's 30/07/13)
  • you can never have too much make-up
  • that it's exciting to play dress up
  • to go shopping and spend hours there
  • the wonderist feeling coffee gives you
  • how addicted you can get to coffee (wow)
  • not all your plans work out the way you want them too
  • its not just all about me
  • you make a company way more money than what you will ever earn
  • I am a total geek (and im ok with that)
  • finding something good in every day is hard, but worth it

review of 2014

(my bunny rabbit called harry 14/02/13) what i have gained:
  • a new dressing table
  • the ability to never find anything to wear
  • to use every piece of cutlery we own in a day
  • a new love for cooking (and baking)
  • a rabbit that is finally starting to calm down
review of 2014 (moving into our new apartment 12/03/13)
  • a new apartment
  • a quiet environment
  • the knowledge that i want to change
  • a really nice blog and followers
  • the ability to lose a week somewhere (it goes so fast i don't know what i've actually achieved in that week)
  • Holidays to remember
review of 2014 (being able to wear clothes i love 16/10/13)
so what do you think of this post? one of your fav's? what have you learnt from 2013 i would love to know! xxxx

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