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Review: Midnight Rose Mask R Bihada Ichizoku Hot Bath

By Herugliness
Hello! ~ It is so cold again that it is time for lots and lots of hot baths and therefore time to touch my stack of Japanese bath additives again. I think I actually bought this one on my last trip, the Midnight Rose Mask R Bihada Ichizoku Hot Bath. To be honest, I am not entirely sure that this is the correct title of the product, there is just so freakin' much written on the packing  that I have no real clue what is part of the name and what just random additional info. The biggest letters say "Black Rose Mask R", but it says "Midnight Rose scent" on the back of the packing, so I figure that's probably the same. People with better Japanese skills are free to correct me at any time. ^^; Black Rose Mask R Bihada Ichizoku Hot Bath Additice Review Black Rose Mask R Bihada Ichizoku Hot Bath Additice Review This bath additive comes in a 30g sachet designed for one single usage. The price is ¥180 without taxes. Review: Midnight Rose Mask R Bihada Ichizoku Hot BathThis hoth bath promises to "burn like hell". Maybe I should have read the description before I purchased it because this sounds not so good actually. The active ingredients of this bath additive are sea salt, moringa seed extract and pepper extract (T_T). Other components are for example titanium oxide, hydrogen carbonate, rosemary extract, sulfuric acid and glycerin. Sadly here is also lots of artificial coloring and fragrance in this product, but if you know Japanese bath additives then you know that they are usually not just for skin care, but a lot for the nose and eye with strong unnatural colors and heavy scents. The usage is like with all bath additives: Add 200-250ml of water to the bath tube and add the bath additive. The package also reminds you to wash yourself  thoroughly after using this bath. I guess having burning pepper and tons of artificial color and fragrance on your skin for long won't do it any good. At this point I was almost scared to try out this product. The first thing you notice when opening the sachet is a very strong scent. I am not sure what I was expecting, but not this very sweet scent. I cannot place my finger at what it smells like, probably because it is all artificial and there isn't really anything natural that smells like this I could compare it with. It is sweet, maybe a bit fruity and, kind of sour? 
Wit one of the main ingredients being sea salt I was expecting some bigger grains, but the content is all fine powder. The color of it is a flashing bright orange. 
Midnight Rose Mask R Bihada Ichizoku Hot Bath Additice Review
Midnight Rose Mask R Bihada Ichizoku Hot Bath Additice Review Luckily, after putting the bath additive into the water, the bright orange color turns into a nice peach color after a few minutes and the scent gets reduced to a much more decent and more pleasant smell. My greatest fear was really that the water would actually kind of burn. Do you know the kind of medical band-aids or creams with pepper extract you put on places where muscles or joints hurt? Some of them, like Bengay really burn and I was worried the bath additive might have a similar effect, but luckily this isn't the case at all. I think the water actually got hotter than usual, at least I had to add more cold water than usual before I could enter the bath tube, but that could really be my imagination.
All in all this was a nice, pleasant hot bath, just the right thing for cold days.
The only thing that would keep me from re-purchasing this is probably that there are like half a million of different, amazing looking bath additives available in Japan which I would like to try next.

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