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Review: Kiehl's Creme De Corps

By Clickyourheels @redrubyheels

Review: Kiehl's Creme De Corps

Photo Courtesy of Kiehl's

I was lucky enough to snap up Kiehl's cult product Creme de Corps end of last year when I saw it pop up on Strawberrynet. This infamous product really does not require any introduction to lovers of skincare. It's been a cult beauty product for a number of years so I am really glad I finally got my hands on a bottle!
After saying all that, my opinion on the product? Well as a matter of fact I haven't been wowed by this product. Sad I know. Maybe my expectations were so high that the product couldn't possibly live up to it.
Let me explain....
If you're after a very thick and luxurious winter moisturiser this may be the product for you. The product has a fairly neutral fragrance so if you are sensitive to fragrance there is a plus there. The consistency as I said before is very thick it's somewhere between a moisturiser and body butter. What I dislike about the product is that it doesn't sink into the skin. You really can only use this product at night before bed as putting clothes on after you have applied this can be a bit icky! If you can look past this the product does leave the skin beautifully hydrated, smooth and silky by the next morning.
I am happy I had the chance to try this product but sadly it is not for me. I much prefer a light weight moisturiser that will sink into the skin and not leave a sticky residue behind on the skin.
You can find Creme de Corps at Mecca Cosmetica, Kiehl's stand alone stores or Myer/David Jones concessions.

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